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Personal Stuff

This section is all about me and my family and stuff (it is my personal web site after all).

Updates are sporadic at best.  Although I now have a digital camera and my wife has a perfectly good scanner/copier/printer, I have not put a lot of effort into convert old pictures, so the pictures lying in albums or stacks waiting for albums have not been posted to this site.

The latest updates to this section is our newest addition to our family: Joe the Cat and a slightly update resume.

  The Personal Section of this personal stuff is just about me and my stuff.

The Resume Section includes my current resumes and work-related background information.

The Trips Section includes photo galleries for various vacation excursions we've taken since I got my hand on a digital camera.

The Karen Section is about my wife, Karen.

The Cats Section has pictures of our cats, past and present.

The Family Section has no content, but I mean to do post some genealogy information on of these years.


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