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Sea Globe Lighthouse

"Crossing north over open sea, we spied a light in the distance.  Four days later, in the still of the midnight sun, we came across the Lighthouse of the North, the Sea Globe and its silent Guardians.  The Globe gave up no secrets, and though Thal and Rennik climbed upon the Guardianess' staff, they could not pry loose the great gem.  At the Lighthouse, we had better fortune.  Though we could not discover the source of the rotating beams which left Hilbert blind for days, I did discover a map engraved upon the Lighthouse wall and I have taken an etching.  Upon that map lies the Isle of the God's Egg and the great lost cities of the south.  We passed over the top of the world and sailed onwards towards these great treasures."

From Voyages Upon the White Ocean, found in the Journals of Alrik the Younger.

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