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So, for some reason, you want to borrow some of my content.  Well, no there's accounting for taste.

The main purpose for this site is to express my ideas, art and miscellaneous rantings.  This web site and the information created on it are not intended for profit, though I am not opposed to monetary remuneration.  If you would like to include my content, I'm not necessarily asking for a pile of cash, all I want is the following:

  1. Please email me at the contact address below (note: the address is an image file in a vain attempt to deter junk mail, so you'll have to type it out).  If I reply with an affirmative, go ahead and borrow my stuff.
  2. If you make a buck off my content, then I want a cut, to be negotiated prior to you borrowing the content.  If you make a buck off my stuff and don't tell me, I reserve the right to demand that you stop using my content immediately.
  3. If you borrow my content, please state so clearly on your site, note the content with Geir Lanesskog (or on images that contain the copyright, retain that information on the image) and provide a link back to my site either by the content or in a bibliography section.
  4. That's all I can think of at this point, but I reserve the right to change my mind.  Check this page before using any content to get my current feelings on the matter.


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