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The first exploration journey of the 13 meter starship Einstein was a loop survey of the giant stars Pollux, Capella and Aldebaran.

ďAldebaran I is a world barely bigger than Earthís moon. Itís dense, having lost much of its crust and mantle when the sun went giant. And itís hot. Here in the terminator zone shade, the temperature is over 1400K, pretty much on the red-line limit for our systems. The suits canít handle the heat, and Iím not going to risk our pods out there, so this has to be a superficial survey. I sent out a drone.

ďWe spotted the anomaly before we entered orbit. Best guess is that itís some sort of metal refinery - a pumping station to draw liquefied metals out of the lava lake. I donít know what the giant fins are for. Chin thinks they may have regulated the flow in the lake, and thatís as good a guess as any.

ďThe structures are solid macro-molecular structures Ė something weíve only been able to produce in the lab. Thereís no power and the place looks abandoned. We canít get a good date on the structure and they look pristine, but that could be deceiving. Whoever built this might have abandoned it yesterday or millennia ago.

ďWeíll chart, mark and flag for future study. Thatís what deep explorers do.Ē

- Tomas Johannessen, Captainís personal log, 7 October 2210

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