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Alimeen Defender

“The Alimeen hadn’t fought a war in over fourteen hundred years and hadn’t even faced an interstellar piracy threat in nine centuries, so they were completely unprepared for the M’kkiae War when it came upon them.

“We did what we could to help. We took their newer grav fliers and strapped forty Mark V drone missiles onto each of them. They stripped their crews down to a single pilot, and sent them up to defend their world.

“Those grav flyers could pull six or seven gees until their reactors ran dry, but they were no match for a massed Combine fleet. The enemy rained salvoes of relativistic slugs through the defenders and down upon the world. Against that storm of metal, few defenders survived.”

- Lt. Commander Angelina DeVries, Confederation military liaison staff, Alimeen Task Force, 2255.

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