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Alpha Crash

On the shore of the Styx Sea, Dante, 82 Eridani:

The tech teams are still on their way down, but Iíll give you what I have. The Alpha came down intact. Despite plowing into the shallows at Mach 2, thereís not a scratch on it. The crew didnít fair so well. All I can say for sure is that weíre definitely fighting aliens. There are two bodies in the cockpit. Six limbs, head on top, green fur on the outside, a skeleton on the inside. Thatís all we can give you for now. Those two are totally pulped from the impact.

We did a quick survey of the ship as the tide was coming in. Itís hard to say whether itís more advanced than ours. The six pseudo grav pods are smaller than anything we can build, and based on the ten to twelve sustained gees the Alphas showed us in the battle, theyíre pretty impressive. But their power looks to come from a half dozen small CNO-spike reactors Ė we havenít used them in decades, but these must be pretty efficient, given the energy output. Everything is interconnected for massive redundancy.

The strange thing is that there are no reaction drives at all. Itís just the grav pods and some big gyros. No thrusters, no reaction mass. The wings look impressive, but I think theyíre more for heat radiation than lift.

And I know youíre interested in armaments. Iím fairly sure the main weapon is the twenty meter long small bore mag gun that runs through the shipís spine. Probably kicks a few dozen micrograms up to relativistic speeds. The two wing mount lasers are fixed, which makes me think theyíre more for targeting than combat, and thereís a whole series of short forward and back mag guns set at various angles on the hull. Point defense, maybe?

All the weapons are fixed. Nothing rotates. I see no signs of hardpoints for drones or external weapons, but those barbs around the cockpit section may be more than decorative.

Iíll put together a full report within a couple of days. Please consider my request to lift this sucker out of here, back to Earth, for a thorough dissection. Weíll want that for the crew, too.

Lt. Commander Jose Balandin, Intelligence Branch, Terran Space Force. March 22, 2254

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