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Amalthea Ambush

Six days before the Armistice...

[Begin Transcript]
21:46.34 UTC, 30 August 2182

"Just a little closer..."
Hannibal, this is Flammarion Station - Look out! It's a trap! There's a gunship in the rocks!
"Bastards! I told them not to squeal."
"Aren't you going to set off the charges, sir?"
"There are no charges. I was bluffing. No point in blowing up a bunch of civilians. No point now that they've alerted the Reb -


"Keep it low and slow and cap up the glaser and mag gun. Too close for missiles. They're less than a klick away. Alerted or not, no countermeasures are gonna protect them from a couple of line of sight shots."
"They'll lock on us in seconds, sir."
"Then we'd better hit 'em good. Get ready."



[End Transcript]

- Recovered recorder from Barracuda Gunship G-017 aka Nazgul, Lt. Cmdr Oscar L. Musgrave, commanding.


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