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I Saw Her Today At The Reception...

“Her lips...” um... Well, not what Mick had in mind...

Anyway, after finding a race of primitives and trying to understand them, it only took a few years before the Atlantian Exploration Service convinced a Coman to come back with them and make the diplomatic circuit. Anything to show up all the non-starfaring worlds. And so this Coman finds herself in the Outer Planetary Room of the Confederation Headquarters at Copernicus, meeting a bunch of Solar dignitaries.

“Minister Zhou, this is our Coman guest. She – well, they’re a little uncertain on the gender thing, but you can consider her a her.
“Her name translates - best as we can tell - as ‘Singer of Young Fish’ – though they have at least twenty word-like... things... for ‘Singer’ and they’ve really no fish on her world, but...
“Anyhow, we’re working on the linguistics – best minds we’ve got, both Human and mechanical. Ah, and looks like the drink tray’s come back around. I’ll leave you to get acquainted. Oh, and mind the hand – microscopic hooks for grasping the ice, you know...”


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