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Block City Storm

The survey on Enigma was going well until a pod went down over the Block City.

“So what do you think even holds the blocks together like that?”

“I don’t know, magnetism, maybe.”

“EM? Do you think that’s what knocked your pod out of the sky?”

“I don’t know. It felt like a physical impact – in the sky I mean. Almost shattered my shatter-proof screen.”

“Key word there is ‘almost’. We’re starting our entry now.”

“Hey, better hurry, looks like there is – holy shit! There’s a sand storm coming!”

“We see it. Guess we’ll be approaching from the south. Give us fifteen minutes. Um, you want to get some shelter in about... ten seconds would be good.”


“You think he made?”

“He’ll be fine. The suit should protect him. Even if he’s buried, it’ll recycle air for hours before the CO2 gets him.”

“Shouldn’t take that long; we should be able to spot him right away on sensors.”

“With that EM interference and that sandstorm? Better go down to the hold and see if you can find some nice long sticks so we can poke through the sand to look for him.”


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