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Boarding Action

Late October 2520 -- somewhere in Saturn's A Ring:

"This has got to be the first boarding action of the War."

"Probably the first boarding action in this century or last, I would say."

"Right. Normally they either surrender or get blown to hell. Think anyone is still alive in there?"

"Well, they took that massive hit that scrapped off the top blister, and at least two engines tubes are cracked…"

"Still venting xenon…"

"Sure, but it's not like it's metastabilized hydrogen, it's just liquefied gas. The main fuser is stone dead, but the auxiliary fission is running. I don't think they took enough shock or radiation to all be dead."

"Okay, here comes our boarders. Let's just keep the guns on the Sagittarius in case there's any trouble."

"Oh crap -- what's that…"

"Hendricks, hey, Hendricks, there's Martians out there!"

"Say again, Phil?"

"Outside -- frak! One of them has a rocket launcher."

"I.. got 'em they're…"

"Firing. Get us a clear shot."

"Too late, there goes the rocket."

"I'm firing now, the assault carrier is going evasive --"


Frak! Frak!!! Frak!!!, They're hit!"

"I got 'em now! Guns ablazing!"

"No, hold off, the cargo bay!"

"I see it!"

"Missile lock!!!"


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