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D4 Lancer Poster

The Hadar Heavy Industries D4 lancer is among the most ubiquitous combat smallcraft in the coreward sectors of Human Space. Manufactured and licensed for export, tens of thousands of D4s have entered service since the prototype was unveiled at the Irmhingham Space Show in 6723.

Though conceptually based on the design of the Mendam Navy Kharmashri lancer, the HHI D4 incorporated many technological upgrades and performance improvements that transformed it into a new vehicle based on the Kharmashri airframe. Like all lancers, the D4 is a long-range, multi-crew attack craft designed to fit in a standard 6X15 bay.

Two cross-connected 900GW protium reactors power the six HSPG pods, allowing a rated acceleration of 12sG (15.8 red-line) axial / 3.2 (3.6) transaxial. A replaceable export-rated positron igniter allows for 100 serial or 50 parallel cold starts at 5 seconds per reactor. Endurance at full acceleration is just under 60 days, and the D4 is equipped with gaseous hydrogen intakes and an MSMH compressor for field refueling.

The D4 has a standard crew of three (pilot, weapons officer, flight engineer) with bunk accommodations and a fully regenerative life support system. The crew section incorporates a 2.6sG rated full vector compensation field. The D4 hull is rated for 36GJ/m2 burn / 40GJ/m2 impact, a 75kps sA reentry and 400sG structural shock.

The D4 main internal weapons bay can house 6 MkV or 36 MkIII drones or a squad deployment pod. Two forward launch tubes can fire MkI drones at up to 200 rpm from two cross-connected 20 drone bays. Secondary offensive armaments are quad 5GJ cannons capable of firing 1kg microdrones at 100kps or 250g penetrators at 200kps. Fired in rotation, the cannons output 360 rpm from two 600kg ammo bays. Five 3.3 GWc 50cm (13.2 GJ/m2 @ 100kkm atten) glaser mounts provide full-envelopment point defense and light offensive capabilities beyond half a light second.

Equipped with R6 adaptive stealth coating and sporting advanced passive (EM, neutrino, gravitometer) and active (multi-mode ladar and radar, grav ping) sensors, the D4 maintains a solid advantage in surprise, detection and evasion over even the most modern smallcraft, defense boats and escorts.

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