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11 April 2244, Operation Inferno, Kinoff Salt Flats, Dante, 82 Eridani

All six 6m craft from the TCSF cruiser Resolute (TNS-003) support the initial Marine landing of 9 Platoon C Company 1st Battalion 1st (and only) Interstellar Expeditionary Regiment, the vanguard force in the operation to occupy Dante and recover the surviving Confederation POWs.

“One hour after sunrise and it’s already damned hot.”

“331 Kelvins.”

“What’s that in real temperatures?”

“58 Celsius, Sarge.”

“Hell, I’ve been in worse in Libya.”

“I’ve been in worse in Texas.”

“Whatever. This place is secure. Tell the LT it’s okay to occupy the ridge. Move out and keep your suits in ghost mode. And Buford?”


“Holster that weapon; I can see it clear as day.”

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