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Desolate Plain Outpost

Many worlds suffered technological and ecological collapse after the fall of the Empire of Humanity.  On Ghanzi many refugees settled on arable land, learning to grow crops to survive.  The Eternal woman Heather Braddock, once a research biologist,  became the leader of a small agricultural community in the uplands north of the ruined city of Rashad.  For three centuries the farming community prospered, but then the droughts came, and the struggling community looked to its now venerable leader as their savoir, building a small fortress to protect their remaining crops from desperate scavengers roaming the drying land.  After three more centuries, the locals considered the ageless Heather a god, devoting themselves to protecting her shrine even as crops continued to fail.  In the end, the survivors moved away or perished, leaving the fortified temple abandoned but for one ageless woman, posing as a mystical sage to live off the offerings of passing caravans, alone in the desert, eight hundred years since her glorious civilization fell.

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