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Diplomatic Relations

From the Diary of Ambassador Adnan Mousari Kamal, November 14, 2227

“I can’t say that our Alimeen hosts have been anything but friendly. They’ve built us this sturdy, albeit spartan facility, high above the mountain base of one of their beanstalks.

“For us, the dense hydrogen atmosphere of this sub-jovian world is dangerous, and despite the strong shielded walls of our accommodations, we constantly have to guard against the seepage of trace amounts of hydrogen gas. The gravity is still troublesome. I always believed myself to be in excellent condition, but the 1.78 gravities of this world tire me quickly and I often resort to exoskeleton leggings to combat fatigue.

“Negotiations are going very well. The Alimeen are very open. The translations are getting more precise every day, and misunderstandings are now quite rare and usually trivial.

“Still, despite their friendliness and openness, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m the prime exhibit in a great alien zoo.”

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