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A Fleet Sheet Version 2

The updated Fleet comparison sheet.

Looking at it, it still looks like the Martians have more ships, but if you add up the numbers, it's actual 120 to 96 on the big ships, in the Belt's favor. And all of the Belt's major combatants are fighting ships. The Martians have 22 troop carriers and a light fighter carrier in the mix, and the old Hercules class is getting near obsolescence.

In my more detailed background spreadsheets, the Belt has a 15% advantage in dry tonnage, a 60% advantage in laser power and a 136% advantage in drone missile tubes. And yet, they have to protect over a hundred scattered settlement locations, and the Martians only have to protect six. So it's not just the strength of the forces, but the distribution that matters.

No story but what I wrote above. Hope you enjoy the updated version.

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