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Freighter Near Luna

Yep, big freighters are where the money's at. Economy of scale, you know.  You're interested in Inner System trade, right? Because the volumes just don't cut it past Mars.  Vesta and the other top four 'Roids, maybe too. But past that, unless there's a major mining operation going on, there isn't enough trade to support big ships.  Look at Jupiter or Saturn and maybe only a dozen loads a year would be the entire trade volume.  High population is where you want to go.

Now the MacMillan 3240 is definitely the way to go for the Venus and Mars routes. Load 'em up and any run except opposition will get you a tidy profit.  Those four Killian BH100s -- Mark Two's on this baby, will spit out your fuel at two and a half million kps.  They may not be fast, but they don't use much gas.  Or well, fuel, you know... superheated barium.

Want to haul passengers too?  This Mac is rated for a hundred people, and you can run the ship with twenty -- fourteen and still pass certification.  So you can load up the spin wheels with paying bodies.

Financing?  Not a problem.  Fourth Bank of Amun has this new product that I can get you in.  Just five percent down and two percent interest for the forty year loan.  Variable rate, but that can just as easily go down than up, eh.

So what do you say?  No, can't exactly do a test drive, but we've got an excellent simulator in the back of the showroom.
(Would you buy a used spaceship from this man?)

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