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Aboard the Hades, April, 2261

“Less than a week ago, this was a moon over a thousand kilometers across. Now the debris field has formed into a full ring.”

“Admiral, those splotches, are they impacts in the gas giant’s atmosphere?”

“Yes sir, Senator. A good part of the moon is going to end up spiraling into the planet. It should leave a thin ring, though.”

“Impressive. It took you less than an hour to reduce the moon to this. I assume you destroyed all the M’kkiae installations?”

“Well, we believe so. It’s hard to tell. They’re nothing but trace elements, now.”

“Looks like our money was well spent. You have yourself quite a weapon, Admiral. I just can’t shake the feeling this thing looks like that stupid spaceship from Heavy Metal.”

“Um, Senator, you’re showing your age.”

“A spitting distance from three centuries. I should make it to that party if you win this war. Admiral, the Defense Committee hereby authorizes you to use all means necessary to kick some furry green ass.”

“Thank you, Senator. Ms. Hartwig, alert the Fleet; prepare to break orbit.”

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