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Harmony: At Home In Space

Space is an inhospitable place. The other worlds of the solar system are harsh homes for humanity. But with the aid of technology that is really not too different from that which allows vast arcologies on the surface of Earth, outer space can be enclosed and tamed.

Floating free in space, protected from vacuum and radiation by armored plates and magnetic fields, spun to generate a full Earth gravity, a habitat is the most inviting home beyond Earth. In many ways, living in a habitat is better than living on the surface of the hot, crowded and polluted Earth, even after a century of Commonwealth recovery projects.

Situated at a point equidistant from the Earth and the Moon, Harmony is one of the oldest habitats, built in the first decade of the Commonwealth to provide refuge and hope for a devastated world. Nearly fifty thousand people descended from many nations and cultures live and work together in the two habitat cylinders, producing enough food and technology to sustain themselves against the harshness of space. Outside, the habitat may look imposing and mechanical. But inside Harmony East and West, lush landscapes of neo-village-styled homes, shops and fields build a world even better than our own.

--Grand Tour 2150: A Guide to the Solar System, Euphoria Press

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