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Hyperion Orbit

ďBack to orbit again. Hyperion was fun. We were the first humans to land on the surface Ė they just used a couple of semi-autonomous remote drones back in í47 and í51. But we got down and dirty in the deep craters. Dirty, because the dust really sticks to you, de-static charge or not.

ďIíve got three sample cases full of the dark crud from the bottom of those holes, and the field kit shows a lot of hydrocarbons, including some pretty complex chains. Iíll do a better work-up back on the Huygens, but Iím convinced that this stuff must have come from Titan.

ďYes, Dr. Li thinks Iím crazy and he is the Chief Scientist on this expedition, but heís a little too rigid in his thinking. Thatís why we all call him Dr. Li, or ĎSirí, even after all these months. But come on! Titanís nearby and itís a big source of hydrocarbons. Where else does he think they came from? They canít be indigenous to this little ball of rock and dust, can they?Ē

- Dr. James Wilson, Planetary Geologist, Class II, CSEA Huygens.

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