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Lair of the Ice Pirates

They came again; out of the rings to raid us for Tech.

There’s not much here left to steal, but they took it anyway. Mal Barek died – suit rupture too big to fix. And Jena DeSilva might not recover from her burns.

There are fewer of us left on this moon every year now. War’s been over for more than forty years, but things keep getting worse. Most of those who can handle the grav have moved off to Titan. Those that can’t, but have the means, they’ve gone all the way in to the Belt.

But for the rest of us, this is still our home. Some of us have been here three centuries – our families at least. Some of us won’t leave until the Ice Punks burst our last dome, collapse our last tunnel, burn our last air.

Even then, our frozen corpses will mark this spot forever.

- Mayor Paulus Vortengen, Benjimintown, Enceladus, March 14, 2396

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