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Mars Landing

After a fiery reentry through Mar's thin atmosphere, the Lander jettisons its heat shield, unfolds the landing legs and fires its main engine to slow to a gentle landing on the Red Planet.  With a cargo compartment carrying an inflatable pressurized rover and a deployable solar array, the crew can remain on the Martian surface for a full month, exploring sites with twenty-five kilometers of the landing.

 The Expedition One Surface Sortie is only the first phase of Mars exploration and settlement.  Longer stays and more distant explorations will require the landing of a MarsHab base camp.  In time, multiple MarsHab modules will form the core of the first permanent settlement of Mars, but only your contributions to the Universal Expeditions Foundation can make that happen.  Ask your employer today about matching contributions and automatic payroll deductions.

--Excerpt from UXF promotional material, 2029.

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