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Minerva At Titan

After eighteen months in the Kuiper itís good to get back to the semblance of civilization. The locals are a bit miffed about the elections back on Earth, but itís not like they didnít get a vote, too. Itíll blow over. It always does. But for now, the Skipper decided to stay away from the orbital stations and keep us in an independent orbit. Weíll shuttle down to the Commonwealth base at Culver in shifts for shore leave.

Itís going to be good to get back on a solid world again. Titan might only have about Lunar gravity, but itíll feel good once I adjust back to the lack of Coriolis. Weíve got three months of refitting scheduled before the run to Neptune, so I hope to get some ice cave exploring done while Iím here.

I just have to get past those ďNative RightsĒ protestors. Hey losers, theyíre microbes! Mars has them. Hell, Venus even had them in its atmosphere before we started bombarding it with comets. All the gas giants have some sort of bugs floating around in them. I canít see how tromping through some caves in a sterile space suit is going to cause any damage. Especially given the substandard waste disposal procedures at Culver. Why arenít they protesting that instead? Iíll bring a mag gun with me just in case, though. Self defense and all that.

-Personal log of Lt. Commander Joan Hsiao, Executive Officer, TCSF Minerva, June 10 2175.

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