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Odysseus At Charon

The Deep Cruiser Odysseus was the Colonial Confederation's flagship in the years between independence and the formation of the broader interstellar Confederation a few decades later.  At nearly six hundred meters long, it was more hubris than practical warship.  It had that massive 25 meter forward laser blister, but for the tonnage and cost, it was proportionally underarmed.  It had the most efficient engines in the fleet and best delta V, over 5000kps.  That suited it well to deep patrols in the Kuiper, but its maximum performance was .12 gees, which in combat, would have made it a sitting duck.

 Finished in 2287, it patrolled the Outer System for twenty-five years before being mothballed in orbit out around Varuna were it remains to this date, a defiant relic of independence from Earth.

 --Darrow's Guide to Combat Spaceships: The First Interplanetary Age, Free Avon Press, 2505 

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