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Samurai Gunship

December 2243, Western Ezo highlands, Amaterasu, 82 Eridani system

With the imminent arrival of a second Confederation Joint Expeditionary Force, the remaining Easterner Samurai gunships scattered from the three industrial enclaves, positioning themselves in the vast badland regions of northern Amaterasu. Hiding in a grove of Great Northern Furtrees, plants with remarkably high metal content, the Samurai remained hidden until the moment they would strike and defend their world.

“Captain Dewa!”

“Admiral Narita, sir!”

“Starships are sighted high above the orbital plane. The outer systems task force will not intercept them in time.”

“How many are there, sir?”

“It does not matter. It is time to do your duty. Ready your crew. We will strike them when they pass through the lower radiation belt. Long live the Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance!”

“Well, Uchida, you heard the Admiral. We will either achieve a great victory or die gloriously. Perhaps both! What could be better than that?”

“Well, Captain, I could provide you with a list.”

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