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Ship From Earth

The CSS Odysseus travels to Alpha Centauri, visiting Atlantis on its maiden voyage in 2234:

“You know, that’s an ugly ship – all blocky and stuff.”

“Well it is the first macrojump ship build on Earth, so you’d expect it to be sort of functional. A mishmash- plasma thrusters and fusion drives along with the pseudo-grav. I don’t know why the pseudo-grav pods and the sensor arrays have to be that blocky, but those gray panels on the sides – they’re macro-molecular slabs.”

“Armor. Well that’s kind of scary. And those drone tubes – the two banks of five on side – they look more like a missile battery than a bay for exploratory probes.”

“True enough – and this one is thirty meters, as big as our Continent class ships.”

“They say it can hold over a hundred passengers – scientist or colonists.”

“Or a light company of Marines. They’re working on a fifty-five meter colony ship that can hold two thousand passengers; or a brigade. And they’ve got an onboard vacuum distiller – anti-matter powered systems.”

“Well there are still Easterners out there. We’ve never accounted for the Battlestar ramship. And we’ve already set the precedence by helping the Libertines take Vulcan at Epsilon Eridani. Interstellar warfare is a reality, now.”

“That might have been a mistake.”

“Yeah, well. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Let’s just smile and be friendly at the reception, shall we.”

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