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Silent Running

We can pick up transmissions from the inner system even when we're deep in the rings. They say that the Martians control Saturn. I've seen images of the Imperial banner fluttering on Titan. I've seen the shattered ruins of our base on Janus. But what I have not seen is footage of any ship refueling at Saturn. We still control the Rings.

The three of us have been on this gunship for four months. It smells little ripe, but you get used to it. Mostly we patrol alone, but we are in communication with the Wing Commander. We coordinate our attacks and swarm against the enemy. We disperse when we have to. We hide and we wait. We've taken out fighters and transports and even a corvette. We've got two and a half kills to our credit, and we've taken very little damage in return.

In a way, this is just like being on a small mining ship. Except the rocks are a lot closer together and the view is often a lot better. Most of our depots are still intact. At this rate we can last for years. If we keep harassing them, or if the Venusians or the Lunars will help us, then we can outlast them. I just wish our food tasted better.

- Flight Lieutenant Harvey Shore, inside the A Ring, 12 August 2520.

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