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Sitting On The Edge Of the Sky

“We’re mostly just a bunch of second rate hydrogen breathers here. Not too many Humans make the trip and even fewer stay. She came in on singleship last night and walked into my office like she owned the place. Says she’s a Mechanist Salvor and the white duds, the soulbox and her official datablock says it’s true.

“Like I said, not many Humans here, and only a fraction are Mechanist. There hasn’t been a Salvor here to pick up the dead while I’ve been in charge – two whole trueyears. So we gave her the two soulboxes in the office vault, and Winnik Kultraene Phuo gave her the head of his old friend Ab’e Killian – old Winnik wasn’t real up on these Human rituals, so he’d kept the whole head in an old box, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“She seemed a little more upset when we told her about Bart Zhotraug – he fell off a rig some time back, so his little box got crushed down in the depths. What can you do? Anyway, she took the three boxes and Killian’s skull. We asked her if she wanted a bag or something, but no. Now she’s just sitting out on the obs deck, watching the truesun set.

“You can talk to her if you want, but she gives me the creeps. Not an expert on Human anatomy by any means, but I’m pretty sure her eyes shouldn’t reflect the suns like that. I’d stay out of her way, if I were you.”

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