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So You Wanna Buy A Ship?

The Merkouris 1200 is the newest and finest medium interplanetary freighter to come out of our famed Venusian shipyard, sporting the latest technology and finest styling outside the cruise lines.  This quality vessel runs on a highly efficient Streklov A2 protium reactor that is capable of producing up to 15.54 TW of useable power for the Sarkowski HE model DL7 and DL6 ion drives.  In super-efficiency mode, these drives can achieve exhaust velocities of over 3,400 kps, providing excellent performance on long interplanetary routes.  And with Sarkowski Astria radiators, the Merkouris 1200 can maintain full power for months, gleaming like a bright red star in the night.

As implied in its model number, this vessel has a bulk capacity rating of 1200 TEUs, including 48 TEUs in 24 separate environmentally controlled bays located within the ship's long keel.  Stabilized cargo spheres provide for an additional 1000 cubic meters of liquid or gas storage. And while this ship is certified for a crew as small as six; it carries life support, life boats and long-term accommodations for up to thirty people.  The free-mounted bridge section rotates to provide proper floor orientation both under thrust and on horizontal landing surface.  And speaking of landings, although not certified for atmospheric use, the Merkouris 1200's powerful thrusters allow it to land and take off from smaller moons and asteroids with gravity fields up to .05 gravities.  All you need is a flat landing zone, and your freighter can deliver cargo to distant outposts without orbital facilities!

The first lot of 1200's have already pre-sold, so act now to get your name on the waiting list!  Can't afford to buy the ship outright?  Don't fret!  Creative financing options are available for qualified buyers through Merkouris Finance Group LTD.

--Expert from a Merkouris Spaceflight Industries brochure for the Merkouris 1200, the best-selling medium freighter built outside the Belt during the first half of the 26th Century.

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