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Strike Force

Three Libertine Gryphon class gunships attack an Easterner terraformation settlement on Vulcan, Epsilon Eridani system in 2231.

The Atlantians might have derisively called the Gryphons “Stubbies”, but the gunships fit snuggly inside a Continental class starship’s 6 meter wide bays.  With carrying capacity for two Class I drone missiles, four launchers for two dozen Class III drones, three glaser turrets and a couple of 50mm mag guns, the Gryphons packed a greater punch than the ships that launched them, and as precursors to four millennia of lancer class warships, they were in fact the first military vessels to participate in interstellar conflict.  The last of the Type A Gryphons saw service through the M’kkiae War in planetary defense and support roles.

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