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Surviving Sentinels

“This site off the southern edge of the Benghazi continent intrigues us. We know from the orbital decay of debris and from a few radioactive craters on this world and on the fourth planet, that this system was settled until its violent abandonment sometime in the nine century of the Common Era. Yet the crater that forms this bay dates to over twenty thousand years ago. We are fairly certain that the markers – still without a scratch on them – were erected shortly thereafter. Obviously, settlement of the system, at least intermittently, had continued for some time, possible as much as fifty thousand years.

“We hope that the translation efforts with the native Comans on the fourth world will help us discover who these people were, but frankly, given the timescales involved, I have little confidence in the success of Dr. Girard’s efforts, at least in that regard.”

-Dr. Robert Adnan, 2209 Archeological Survey, Egaeus (Beta Coma Berenices III)

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