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Titan LZ

Yeah, Major Yu got us down. Odysseus was bleeding air and fuel when she hit the surf.  Idiot Parker bit the tip of his tongue off when we struck ground, but otherwise the platoon was alright.

'Roiders had been shooting at us from somewhere inland.  Looked like Marauder missile fire to me, but they could have been dismounted and in the rocks by then.  We splashed into a little bay half a klick from the objective.  Air mixed with methane and gunk and made for a messy fire back in the engine room.  No risk of explosion, they said, but I was glad we were with the first squad out.

Popped a side hatch and went in. Liquid was nearly up to my visor.  Kicking off the surface, bouncing up and down, was like low gee through molasses, but we got on shore.  The old lady was smart or lucky enough to get us down under cover.  I saw a Hawk flying CAP take a missile and take a dive.  Pilot got out before the fighter plowed into a ridge.  This was not going to be the cakewalk they promised.  Hell they promised us a liberator's parade.  Never listen to the brass.

I had to tell the fish to keep their weapons out of the water -- methane, goop, whatever.  But we hit dry ground and hauled ass onto that alien beachhead.  That's when the snipers started firing.

--Gunnery Sergeant Krishna Rodriquez, Alpha Company, Second Battalion, 3 Cohort, 3 February 2520

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