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Titan Occupation

The Belters are scattering, diving for Saturn and the moons, but they missed the point.  We're not here for a stand-up battle, though we'd probably win it if it came.  We're here to stay.  Our Heavies blasted Phoebe on the way in, and they're even now bearing down on Janus and Enceladus, but those moons aren't the prize.  Titan is.

The whole Third Cohort, three battalions of Marines, is descending into the orange haze.  Titan is the key to Saturn, not distant gun emplacements, not factories in Saturn's clouds.  Titan is where they all get their food from, where they rest, relax, retire.  They can hold everything else and hide in their clouds and rocks.  Eventually their food will run out.  Their air will run out.  And we'll still be here.

Some of the 'Roiders made it down to Titan, but we'll keep them from the cities and towns.  I sent in Wasp and its brand new squadron of FS-33 fighters to provide extra cover.  And the destroyers of Task Force Four will patrol from orbit.

The battle for Saturn is over; it's just a waiting game now.  The only thing that worries me is that the people of Titan will tire of their liberators before the Belters give up.  Best to put on a toothy grin to go with the iron fist.

--Imperial Martian Navy Rear Admiral Rasmus Kazerinski, 2 Feb 2520, aboard Wasp at Titan

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