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Titan Raid

Yeah, the intel was good, the plan was good, we came in clean.  All that recon and prep went without a hitch, so you can pat yourself on the back for that.

We even hit our targets; caught them with their suits off.  But the damn Marvins got a flight of Falcons up.  Yeah, they're old piece of crap fighters, but they're airframes that happen to be capable of space flight.  The best we've got are spacecraft with a little bit of airframe in them.  The Marauders aren't cut out for Titan.  All they've got is ion drives, and the damn things plume out to crap in that much atmosphere --  just a big blue flame that can barely give 'em enough power to stay airborne.  Our gunboats aren't much better.  Yeah, we got armor and fusions, but not enough.  We're still little better than rocks, and don't have the sensors for the soup.

They got our first two Marauders before we cleared the target.  The other two never made it halfway across the lake.  And Marcie -- uh Dux, didn't stand a chance against a full missile hit.

Before we get into the details, I got two things to say.  First, if us Belters think we can fight in an atmosphere, then we'd better build ships for it, 'cause what we got, can't.  Second, if you're gonna give us an eighteen meter cannon turret, you'd better be damn sure you design it so we can fire all around, not get blocked for sixty degrees of aft sweep.  Idiots.

--Lt. Sylvia Bremmer, CO, ABCG Emperor PG005
(Excerpt of unredacted section of General Comments, After Action Report, Titan Pontoppidan Raid of 5 May 2520.  Document 247A-435 R. 2
Release on 26 May 2542 by an anonymous request made under the Confederate Data Democracy Act, Section IV.2)

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