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Venus Approach

Finally, the idiots let us dock.  It's not like Belter electronics are going to rot in the hold -- not like the Venusian synthetics I hope to trade them for -- but styles change and there's always a newer model with another useless new function.  The gadgets might last a dozen years, but the Venusians can get so style conscious that nobody would be caught dead using last year's model.

It didn't help that I did a high delta-V flight plan out of Psyche -- almost a straight line.  It got me here before the Hazelwood, but I only have two days head start on getting the brokers to pay a premium.  And I'm down to fumes on fuel to boot.

God, I hate these Venusian bureaucrats.  Worse thing is, you can't even bribe them.

Lyndia Beulke, Captain LSS Barnaby, 27 April 2516

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