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Sicheeteeri, Sector +09,+10,+03  
Nitrogen-Oxygen-Water (H:C:0:7)  
Grand Federation C  
Human Contact:
FTL Status:
64,432BC - Indigenous macrojump  
Current Status:
Former Grand Federation Founding Race, Effectively Extinct by 21,251BC  
.22B O2 .12-.33B O2; CO2 < .02B  
290K 275-310K  
0.90G 0-1.25G  
Humidity 75% Humidity 30-100%  


The Teechiri were one of the founding races of the Grand Federation of Races.  Oxygen breathers with an organic technology and a mystical bent, the Teechiri were the leading members of the Radical movement, and were the ultimate losers of the Consolidation Wars, becoming extinct shortly thereafter.

Physical Description

The standard Teechiri adult was a turnip or onion shaped spheroid of .8-.9 meter height with between eight and twenty manipulative limbs tipped with three claws each.  A sensory cluster of eight black photoreceptors and sixteen olfactory slits surrounded a petal-like mouth at the top of the body.  The Teechiri body, massing around 100 kilograms, was originally a dull white or tan color and covered with a scattering of black or dark brown spots.

The Teechiri were active proponents of biological manipulation and literally hundreds of variants exhibited, some outwardly similar to the Teechiri norm, some heavily modified.

Physiological and Social Development

The Teechiri evolved from symbiots living within the internal passages and cavities of the Cheeni, a large tree-like life form that often reached a height of two hundred meters and a width of forty meters, not counting a similarly dimensioned root system.  A Teechiri clan, often number hundreds of individuals, would keep the Cheeni clean and free of parasites and predators and used chemicals injected through their claws to guide the growth, development and reproduction of the Cheeni.

Ancient Teechiri raised their young grubs, the product of chimeratic unions between dozens of individuals, in a communal fashion and exchanged genetic material between other clans in a Cheeni grove, usually numbering between two and three dozen pseudo-trees. Teechiri society evolved as communally based, with clans and groves uniting to care for and modify not just Cheeni, but other life forms on their homeworld.  Technological innovation was always biologically based, with organisms adapted to harvest and refine the metals necessary for an evolving technological society.  As they advanced, the Teechiri also began to modify their own race, increasing and improving their manipulative limbs from their ancient number and size, and enhancing the mental and chemical abilities of individuals to develop specialists suitable for a technological civilization.  To the Teechiri, the clan was always more important than the individual, and this communal virtue soon encompassed the race as a whole.  Through manipulation and later genetic bioengineering, the life span of an individual Teechiri became nearly indefinite, with some notable priests and diplomats remaining viable, though sometimes transformed, from the founding of the Grand Federation until the end of the Consolidation Wars.


The Teechiri developed a peaceful global civilization early in their technological evolution, having ended inter-clan and inter-grove warfare soon after they learned to refine metals.  All technological devices, from their computers and homes, to their oceangoing vessels, to hydrogen-filled fliers, to their first spacecraft, were of biological origin, based on the genome of the Cheeni and its family of related organisms.  The Teechiri were masters of the plant and animal analogs of their homeworld and soon used engineered bacteria and viruses to feed their technological and evolutionary progress.

Naturally curious, and always interested in self improvement, the Teechiri developed spaceflight around 65,000BC and macrojump drive some five hundred years later.  They established contact with the Founders soon after their first interstellar forays and began a program to develop living spaceborne habitats and starships shortly afterwards.  The Teechiri were a founding Primary race of the Grand Federation of Races and spread across Federation space, settling and modifying nitrogen-oxygen-water worlds and spawning living habitats in less hospitable locations.  They were active patrons of lesser races, encourage development and a philosophical outlook favoring racial co-evolution towards a transcendent existence, a view which became the core of the Radical movement.

After the Founders withdrew from active participation in Grand Federation affairs in 30,384BC, the Teechiri took this as a sign that their great patrons were preparing for transcendence.  With their likeminded allies, including the Szri’ta’zhan, Tze't, Urdunnu  and Vandar, among others, they formed the Radical movement and relocated the Grand Federation administrative capital to Hallowed, a shift which the Founders tolerated only through their indifference.  After nearly five thousand years of pseudo-religious Radical rule and the establishment of hundreds of pilgrimage shrines on Hallowed, the Conservative races united and began open warfare against the Radicals, striking hardest at the Teechiri.  The First Consolidation War saw the Teechiri fight back with their full array of biological resources, and ended in a Founder-imposed truce and subsequent dark age.  The Second Consolidation War was the first genocidal war, and by its end, Sicheeteeri was a smoldering cinder, and the Teechiri scattered, their allies weakened, shattered or extinct. The Third War was more of a Eenikiti-led Conservative genocide hunt against Teechiri settlements and it ended in a truce that was essentially a full capitulation by Radical forces, with the capital moving back to Focus.

The Fourth War started with a desperate Radical attempt to regain control of the Grand Federation and ended in 21,251BC with the effective extinction of the Teechiri race.  A few scattered clans remained alive in remote corners of the Grand Federation, and some were rumored to have fled up the Orion Arm, but the Teechiri were no longer a Primary, or even Secondary race.

Current Status

The Teechiri are extinct.  After the Consolidation Wars, the surviving Teechiri were scattered refugees, often hunted by the Eenikiti or their Conservative allies.  The last known clan of Teechiri lived on the Zhretra Ghuldari Drift settlement until about 17,300BC.   A venerable Teechiri priest was seen traveling with the Founders as late as 15,030BC, but after that, the Teechiri disappeared from history.


Though the Teechiri are extinct and their homeworld and settlements destroyed, some of their philosophy and technology lives on in the Grand Federation.  The Tze't, though only moderately Radical, are the inheritors both of the advanced biological technology of the Teechiri and of their belief that evolution of all races will converge on a transcendent path.  Abandoned Teechiri habitats and vessels are sometimes discovered in backwater regions of the Grand Federation and Coreward Human Space, but no live Teechiri have ever been encountered by Humans.


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