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Un'aa'graum, Sector +11,+10,+01  
Warm Nitrogen-Methane (U:1:1:7)  
Grand Federation B  
Human Contact:
FTL Status:
64,304BC - Indigenous macrojump  
Current Status:
Grand Federation Primary Race from founding  
.33B CH4 0.21-.60B CH4  
295K 275-305K  
0.73G 0.15-1.00G  
Humidity 20% Humidity 03-75%  


The Un'aa'graum are a methane-breathing Grand Federation Primary Race and have been the leading methane-breathing race since the founding of the Grand Federation.  Completely eschewing any form of physical labor or hostile confrontation, this all female race of upright hexforms has a reputation as manipulative, hierarchical and haughty.

Physical Description

The Un'aa'graum adult is a 1.5 meter high upright hexaform with two short legs and four sets of manipulative arms, each ending in four fully opposable claw-like fingers.  Two large green eyes dominate an otherwise featureless head.  Digestive and respiratory openings are located forward and rear, respectively, on the main tube-like torso.  The Un'aa'graum are always cloaked in public, showing only their distinctive head.

Physiological and Social Development

All Un'aa'graum are females and reproduce using technologically assisted cloning, a response to an ancient pre-spaceflight population and social crisis.  By tradition, only a single cloned version of a particular individual is alive on any one world at a time, and clones on different worlds do not normally maintain social contact.  There are over ten billion unique genetic individuals in a racial population exceeding one trillion total individuals.  A young Un'aa'graum is raised by an adoptive mother and undergoes an extensive apprenticeship before setting out on her own.  Un'aa'graum society is hierarchical and officially a meritocracy, but individuals and factions routinely resort to manipulation and intrigue to maintain and improve their social positions.  The Un'aa'graum consider themselves a highly advanced people, and will not consent to any physical labor or direct violence; it is rumored that no Un'aa'graum has voluntarily performed manual labor since the founding of the Grand Federation.  Physical tasks in Un'aa'graum society are handled by semi-intelligent machines or client races.

Individual Un'aa'graum can live 6,000-8,000 years with biological enhancements and regenerative treatment, though actual average life span is closer to 3,000 years.  Racial philosophy is concerned with achievement over the course of the lifetime and does not acknowledge an afterlife.  Deceased Un'aa'graum are normally embalmed and interned in often elaborate funerary monuments.


The Un'aa'graum are the one of the dominant races of the Grand Federation and have been so since the retirement of the Founders.  Many observers claim they would completely dominate the Grand Federation if they did not waste so much energy conspiring against each other.  Early history and development of the Un'aa'graum is shrouded in misinformation and contradictory histories, but the consensus view is that they developed a technological society around 73,000BC and suffered from a period of overpopulation, warfare and ecological disaster around 68,000BC.  The resulting society of sequentially cloned females has persisted to the present day.

The Un'aa'graum independently achieved interstellar travel by discovering macrojump in 64,304BC, though some writers claim they were heavily influenced by one thousand years of documented Founder contact and others claim that they stole the technology from their rivals, the now extinct Teechiri.  Regardless, the Un'aa'graum became the dominant methane-breathing race in the Grand Federation, having already settled hundreds of Class U worlds by the Founding in 59,489BC.  The Un'aa'graum were one of the founding Primary races of the Grand Federation, and enjoyed great prosperity during the Founder's rule, spreading colonies and commercial interests throughout the growing territory.  After the Founders withdrew from active participation in 30,034BC, the Un'aa'graum emerged as the leading race of the Conservative faction, opposing the Teechiri-led radicals in their attempted to move the Federation capital from Focus to the Founder homeworld of Hallowed.  In the ensuing wars and destruction of the Consolidation Era, the Un'aa'graum and their many allies eventually triumphed, reestablishing a weakened Grand Federation at Focus.

The Un'aa'graum never maintained good relations with the Heshar, seeing them as direct rivals, but were not foolish enough to directly confront the upstart race as it gained control of the Grand Federation in the fifth millennium BC.  They were the prime instigators of the eventual coup against the Heshar, directly manipulating the M'kkiae and subtly encouraging the Eenikiti and Khabadera to take the forefront in the ensuing War of Liberation.  After contact with the Empire of Humanity, the Un'aa'graum remained supportive of good relations with the Humans and even offered them Grand Federation membership as a Prime Race, but did not hesitate to use the Federation Wars as excuses to demote their rivals and promote their clients and business interests.  After the fall of the Empire of Humanity and the spread of the Mech Plague, the Un'aa'graum supported a moderate isolationist policy, concentrating on rebuilding Grand Federation society.

Current Status

The population of 1.2 trillion Un'aa'graum occupy approximately 2,300 worlds in the mostly spinward region of the Grand Federation of Races.  The Un'aa'graum are generally friendly towards Humanity, seeing them as complementary rather than direct rivals, and also of course, as a potential threat and distraction to other oxygen breathing races.  They utilize and support Federation Humans within their society, and not too surprisingly prefer relations with the scattered Human states and interests of the Chaotic Era more than with the old unified Empire of Humanity.  Within the Grand Federation, the Un'aa'graum retain excellent relations with the Dantum, are seen as patrons of younger Primary races such as Hubas, Fontan and Zhretra and generally as considered rivals to the Eenikiti and Tze't. 


The Un'aa'graum military consists of AI-controlled vessels and robotic planetary craft with a small Un'aa'graum command crew, normally overseeing operations from a heavily fortified command center.  Un'aa'graum maintain a general prejudice towards dealing with female or obviously non-male members of other species, a prejudice they claim persists since the "unpleasantness" during their technological age past.


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