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The Rise of Erta



The two centuries marking the rise of the Ertan Directorate to prominence in the Coreward Region also marked the begins of a transition to Early Microjump Era technology in civilized Human Space.  While the Coreward Region experienced considerable turmoil during the struggle for dominance between Erta, Antares and the Merchant Guild, the other regions of old Imperial Space experienced relative peace and both technological and economic growth during an era marked by a general increase in tolerance and hope for a more prosperous and peaceful future.

The growth of Erta, from a newly interstellar-capable planetary republic to an interstellar power encompassing over four hundred settled worlds in the course of two centuries and two major wars, dominated Coreward Region developments and permanently changed the dynamics of politics even beyond the borders of the coreward sectors.  At first, Erta tried to emulate the Federation of Orion, styling its Senate after the FOO Assembly and building its own Vanguard Service to aid its expansion.  The nascent twelve system Ertan Republic even petitioned to join the Federation of Orion in 6607CE, but the request was reject out of hand for logistically reasons.  The Ertan Republic started to become a major state after its confrontation with and victory over Garissa in the Ertan-Garissan War of 6635-6639CE, which gave the Republic dominance over nearly all of Sector 339 and considerable influence with the Merchant Guild.  The Guild continued to promote the Ertan Republic as a counter to the Realm of Antares, a rivalry that ultimately cumulated in the Antaran War of 6691-6699CE.  This conflict ended in a complete Ertan victory and in the creation of the dictatorial Ertan Directorate under Jorj Habash.  After the war, the Directorate became a dominant interstellar state ruling over four hundred systems ranging from the Theran League to the borders of the Grand Federation of Races.  Much of the turbulent coreward history in the 68th century, from the Nachen Revolt to the conflicts with the Zhantlas Union and B'dr'rak freeholders, was associated with the continued consolidation of the young Ertan Directorate.

Elsewhere in the Coreward Region, earlier conflicts between the Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds and the Realm of Antares had led to the Dark River War of 6659-6661CE and, in reaction, a rekindling of close ties between the Kith'turi and Salvaatiki and the Grand Federation of Races.  The KSUW, while not becoming as closely aligned with the Grand Federation as the Zhantlas Union, benefited both technologically and diplomatically from its closer relationship with the Grand Federation.  Concurrently, Kith'turi traders began to expanding their presence through the Coreward Region, ending millennia of relative isolation.  At the periphery of recivilized coreward space, continued B'dr'rak freeholder expansion caused conflict both with the expanding Ertan state and with the Phalanx Protectorate, founded on Carson by former Star Kingdom naval officers and mercenaries to protect Human worlds.

The Central Region, split between the two largest interstellar state, the Terran Khalifate and the Bengali Dominions, remained peaceful and prosperous during the era.  Both states continued their slow expansion in oppose directions and chose to avoid confrontations over territory or philosophy, with the Terran Khalifate especially moderating under the influence of Grandmaster Ali Ramez, appointed by Mohammed V in 6718CE and remaining as effective prime minister of the Khalifate into the reign of Mohammed VI, who became Khalif upon the death of his father in 6742CE.  In the Dominions, the Regency passed first to Aaron and then to Malcolm Domikal, both capable and even-minded administrators who allowed the continuing secularization of the Dominions to continue with minimal disruptions.

The Rimward Region inner sectors remained dominated by Bengali Dominions expansion and the outer sectors were influenced by the cultural and economic might of the Federation of Orion.  Except in the northernmost sectors of the region, much of the rim experienced at least intermittent interstellar contact, with the Vanguard of the Federation of Orion continuing recontact expeditions and merchants from the FOO, Bengali Dominions, Swarm Republic and League of Independent Races providing economic and development assistance where it was profitable.

In the Spinward Region, the Dragons remained a threat.  Despite avoiding major wars with the Mendam Codominium, Dragon aggression in the form of border and commerce raiding continued to be a problem along the frontier sectors.  In defense, the independent New Defenders formed into military legions of warships and troop carriers determined to protect and liberate Human worlds.  In 6575CE the commander of the First Defender Legion, General Shurlmash Ushlamura, formed the Defender Republic at Annei, and the state grew to include nearly thirty worlds and five full legions, liberating half a dozen Dragon occupied worlds in the course of two centuries.  The Defender War of 6742-6745CE marked the heaviest fighting between the Legions and the Dragon Prides and Nations of the region, demonstrating that the Defenders were as determined as the Codominium to push back the Dragon occupation. 

Elsewhere, the New Defenders helped establish the Lucan Protectorate in Sector 169 as a bulkward against Khalifate expansion.  In the far Spin-Rim region, the New Autarchy and the Divinity of Aurgeus continued their stand-off, twice clashing over honor and influence, but restrained from all-out war by the diplomacy of the Codominium, Dominions and the Swarm Republic.

The Star Kingdoms Confederation remained the dominant influence on the Trailing Region, consolidating their hold on the surrounding sectors by establishing them as Principalities, encompassing over six hundred worlds in addition to the hundred and sixty-three systems of the core Kingdoms.  Conflicts with the B'dr'rak and Rootjalik affected the frontiers of Principalities of Irmingham and Tannberg to some degree, but the bulk of the eight hundred systems under Star King dominance remained peaceful and prosperous members of interstellar society, benefiting from the technological innovations of the age.  Further rimward in the Trailing Region, the Goblin Kingdom of Largu Ban Sharr expanded from Rotshak to encompass the seven Goblin colonized worlds in Sectors 776 and 380, eventually clashing with the Velan Presidium in the ultimately indecisive Goblin War during the 6680s. 

The Northern Region, long the most neglected and backward region of Human Space, began to receive more attention during the period, first from Khalifate expansion and patrols in the wake of the War on Biologicals and, later in the period, from the Merchant Guild's Great Northern Expedition in search of new markets.  Beyond the expanding Khalifate frontier and the small states that oppose Ibrahimite expansion, the Northern Region remained only intermittently visited, occasionally plundered by Quadrons raiders.  The Quadrons had expanded from their three Imperial Era northern colony worlds of Taltgitarin, Tabritourin and Kistiboo to occupy at least a dozen systems, including the Chaagra homeworld.  In the furthest northern sectors, the elusive Hurushin race retained or regained a macrojump interstellar culture, patrolling over a hundred light years from their homeworld and colonizing an unknown number of systems.

Much of the Southern Region benefited from increased contact with the Bengali Dominions and continued expansion of Merchant Guild and independent trade.  While no interstellar states emerged on the southern frontiers, communications and commerce continued to spread further south bringing increased technology to many systems.  The Bengali Dominions absorbed many nearer southern systems, but the furthest southern systems remained unvisited.

The League of Independent Races expanded to included twenty-three races, encompassing over two hundred billion sentients on more than two hundred worlds across all regions of the old Empire.  The League also recontacted and protected the Latra, Vuldur, Ugati and Adornan, former Minor Races that had fallen into technological collapse.  The League remained a loose confederation, focused on trade and a common foreign policy, devoted to strengthening the influence of its members on events within nominally Human Space.  With the departure of the Cargomen from the League, Khzraut and Turgil dominance drove many policy decisions, but all Races strove to reach consensus on important matters.

By the middle of the seventh millennium, the former regions of the Empire of Humanity had recovered enough for single events to occasionally encompass all the recontacted regions.  The best example of this growing integration was the response during the War on Biologicals.  The war began in 6582CE with the discovery of Core, the secret homeworld of the renegade Awoken machine culture and with the subsequent attacks on biological beings by of Ferus Soul, leader of the Awoken.  The conflict engulfed the Bengali Dominions, Star Kingdoms, and eventually the Khalifate, Federation of Orion and League of Independent Races and continued into the next century as hunters from many nations continued to track down and destroy renegade seed ships, long after the bloody battles that had destroyed Core and the bulk of the Awoken race.  Ironically, this war against an uncontrolled Machine Race ultimately strengthened the rights of the Risen machine intelligences in the Star Kingdoms and Bengali Dominions and helped to build better understanding between biological and machine intelligences. 

A century later, in 6678CE, a group of Risen and Heretics on Amada proclaimed themselves Memes, passing their consciousness exponentially and initiating the Meme War, a series of Meme outbreaks over dozens of Coreward location over the next three years.  With help from conventional Machine races and with a modified Zhretran Plague, authorities put down the Meme insurrections, destroying or exiling the Memes.

The volume and density of recontacted Human Space continued to grow during the period.  By 6750CE, census projections indicated that the total Human population within old Imperial Space exceeded twenty trillion individuals, with over six trillion of these living at Interstellar Age technological levels, mostly within the large interstellar states.  Over two trillion non-Human interstellar-capable sentients occupied the same space, interacting mostly in peace with the Human majority.


The rise of Erta into interstellar prominence was just one major event that marked the period.  Another other was the emergence of Early Microjump Era technologies in the Federation of Orion and the Star Kingdom Confederation.  But just as importantly, the era also marked increased cooperation between the major states and Races of former Imperial Space and the emergence of at least a minimal set of common norms and understandings.

Erta began as a planetary republic assembled from a reluctant coalition of formerly warring states.  Through a period of warfare encompassing most of the Industrial and Fusion Ages, the Ertan Republic emerged as a surprisingly tolerant society, trying to emulate the Federation of Orion in its policies and outlook.  Soon after taking to the stars in 6571CE, the Ertan Republic established itself as a democratic and economically progressive alternative to the local Garissan military dominance and to the continued attempts at monopolism by the Merchant Guild.  Though denied in its quixotic attempt to join the distant Federation of Orion, the Republic, ironically with assistance from the Guild, defeated the Garissan military government and then continued to peacefully expand, incorporating over a hundred willing worlds by the end of the 67th century.  Ironically, as it grew the Ertan Republic became less democratic, with the military controlling much of its foreign policy and the Senate coming under the dominance of powerful old feudal and commercial families.

Many worlds in the coreward sectors still preferred the vitality and openness of the Ertan Republic to the arrogant and increasingly authoritarian nature of the Realm of Antares, especially as exemplified by the growing influence and eventual ascension of Turin Major, the Realm's third and last Lord President.  Hoping to create a more pliant power the Merchant Guild aided the Ertan republic in its struggle for dominance with the Realm of Antares.  The resulting Antaran War lasted eight years, transforming the Ertan Republic into the Ertan Directorate, a military dictatorship run by its first Director, Admiral Jorj Habash and his son and future Director, Marshall Seov Habash.  Victory over the Realm of Antares gave Habash and his Senatorial backers the power to confront the Merchant Guild, and in a self-serving move that nonetheless won Erta the admiration of many downtrodden worlds, it broke the power of the Guild over the central coreward sectors, relegating it to an economic force only on the periphery of the Region.  The Ertan Directorate spent the next half century integrating its gains.  In the span of a quarter century, the Directorship passed from Jorj to Seov to Seov's daughter, Sianta, wife of powerful Senator Torn Bellevordi, and then to their young son Cleon Bellevordi.  It fell on Cleon to consolidate the Directorate's holdings, secure its border regions and establish a constitutional governance structure.  But even Cleon died young in 6752CE, leaving the still immature Directorate to his young son Seov Bellevordi, who like his father came to rule an interstellar state at twenty-four years of age.  Director Seov Bellevordi proved a stabilizing influence, forgoing his father's flamboyance in favor of increased integration, but his own death by assassination in 6776CE and the following regency and defacto rule by Alton Rubitar may yet cause instability within the state's still immature institutions.

The emergence of Early Microjump Era technology in the 68th century, especially among the high technology worlds of the Federation of Orion and the Star Kingdoms Confederation also provided an opportunity for dramatic changes with and between interstellar states.  Within the Federation of Orion, the advent of fast replication provided the long-awaited seed for the Egalitarian Party's goal of a post-material transformation of society.  This goal proved uneven, more easily achievable on the most well-integrated and successful economies, but within the Federation political and economic circles, even the Progressive Party soon came to realize the benefits of developing a post-materialist society.  Within fifty years of the first demonstration of the Leshra Industries Omnivator, over thirty member worlds, encompassing one tenth of the Federation's systems and one quarter of the Federation's population, had statistically achieved post-materialism.

In the Star Kingdoms Confederation, effectively at technological parity with the Federation of Orion and clearly more advanced in microjump starship and biogenic technologies, no world reached post-materialism by 6777CE, a fact that contributed to "New Republican" sentiments on a number of Star Kingdom worlds.  The concentration of wealth in old families and corporations within the Star Kingdoms matched more closely the economic patterns of the Empire of Humanity, a fact that delayed the onset of post-materialism until the economic penetration of technology could reach a greater depth.  Most theoreticians estimated that the more wealthy Star Kingdom worlds would achieve post-materialism by the end of the 68th century or in the early years of the 69th.

Another political trend evident in both the Terran Khalifate and the Bengali Dominions during the era was one of increased tolerance and understanding.  Within the Khalifate, hardliners had continued to lose influence throughout the reign of Mohammed V and his son Mohammed VI.  The de facto rule of moderate Grandmasters of the Order of Ibrahim, notably Adnan Gertz and Ali Ramez, and the reforms of the Order of Enlightenment under Abdul Rehman Khari made possible the Civil Service reforms introduced by Ali Ramez and approved by Khalif Mohammed V in 6720CE.  As a result of Ramez's reforms, the Terran Khalifate remained an Ibrahimite state, but its bureaucracy and laws became civil and neutral, allowing a more tolerant attitude toward religious and racial minorities within the expanding Khalifate.  The reforms reduced tensions with neighbors and lowered resistance against Ibrahimite missionaries, though the Mechanist Crusaders did not moderate their disdain for the faith of Ibrahim.

In the Bengali Dominions, a similar recognition of the lessening influence of Nobilis rule and Altaran caste social structure allowed the Regents, first Aaron and then Malcolm Domikal, to further secularize society in a gradual process that eventually removed all quotas from government and private hiring and service offerings.  The reduced racial separation and antagonism among Bengali citizens allowed Emperor Talon to grant Risen citizenship rights in 6594CE with only a few unfortunate incidents.

During the period, the Orion Expositions, long held every six years on a major Orion world, regularly included diplomatic conferences, where different states and races could discuss common problems and work toward consensus in both formal and informal settings.


The combination of biological and cybernetic technologies, especially among innovative firms and institutions in the Star Kingdoms Confederation and the Federation of Orion, produced not only innovated blended technological products, but also paved the way for Human Space to finally begin redeveloping Early Microjump Era technology, bypassing the limitations on superconducting materials, computing cores and materials sciences imposed by the continuing omnipresent Mech Plague.  Though a slow leak of technology from the Grand Federation of Races through Zhantlian and Kith'turi proxies undoubtedly aided in the technological breakthroughs of the 68th century, the particular innovations and products that emerged, paving the way for the first post-material economic transformation, were uniquely indigenously produced.

In the 67th century the Zhantlian firm Hurtan Ventures developed Trannig Seedhomes and Spaceseeds, fully biological structures capable of growing into outposts and habitats.  These purely biological products, followed by a number of innovations by other Zhantlian firms, including everything from biovehicles to organic laser blisters, changed the nature and look of the technological landscape on many worlds, especially in the coreward, trailing and rimward sectors.  However, it was the combination of these biological-base technologies within inorganic artifacts - producing blended devices - that finally overcame the limitations imposed by the Mech Plague.

Blended cybernetic implants, pioneered by the Technologist followers of Gideon Lazaru eventually led to techniques to produce living metal (a misleading misnomer here, since the end product was not in any way biological, just fully malleable at the nano and macro level) and to the development of hybridized mechnobiotechnology construction techniques, instrumental in producing both the Leshra Industries Omnivator and the Severn Starship Systems microjump drive.  The development of hyper-quantum computing devices by Favori Labs completed the full set of enabling technologies to move the forefront of Human technology back into the Early Microjump Era and to pave the way for post-material transformations.


The cultural aftermath of the Age of Flamboyance was more subdued and business-like, with social trends focusing on more important developments, whether Risen, Android or minority rights or post-materialist economic theory.  While outrageous entertainment and frivolous cyborgization and transformations continued, they became an undercurrent to the culture of the day, not the overture.

The challenge of Risen rights was forced upon interstellar society in the aftermath of the War on Biologicals.  The Awoken were defeated by a Zhretran-developed plague entrusted to the Risen for dissemination.  This deliberate ploy by the Zhretra focused attention on the differences between "good" machine intelligences and "bad" ones, overcoming the initial anti-Risen backlash caused by Awoken aggression.  The end result was a granting of Risen citizenship status in the Star Kingdoms Confederation and in the Bengali Dominions.  Even the Merchant Guild reluctantly accepted Risen crewmembers and starships into their organization.  Among major states, only the Mendam Codominium and the Terran Khalifate continued to reject rights for machines, limiting their function to highly intelligent tools, bereft of true sentience.

Soon after the granting of Risen rights, activists in the Federation of Orion, Star Kingdoms and Bengali Dominions began to agitate for the perceived next step: the granting of full rights to Androids.  For most citizens, this proved a step too far, and the Android rights movements failed to achieve more than a limiting of abuses within the current laws.  Unsatisfied radicals formed terrorist cells dedicated to Android freedom, but after failing to garner public support, most of these organizations vanished by the 6620s, felled by imprisonments and flagging support.

Greater tolerance, or at least the acceptance of the existence of other beliefs and practices, spread across the formerly closed Ibrahimite community during this period.  At one extreme, the Hammedian philosopher Abdel Rhuzi preached the tolerant beliefs espoused in his Coexistent Principles for a few decades until his mysterious murder by immolation on Othello in 6687CE.  His death gave birth to the Rhuzi sect of Hammedian Ibrahimism, commonly known as the Order of the Flame.  Even among more conventional Ishmahili Ibrahimites, acceptance based on separation showed a start of tolerance; closed enclaves and ghettos of "infidels and aliens" represented an improvement on the treatment of religious and racial minorities, compared to earlier policies of extermination or deportation.

In the Federation of Orion, the potential to finally reach a post-material society became the overreaching cultural and economic phenomenon of the 68th century.  Eventually, politicians off all stripes, even the leaders of the vast Fastung commercial empire, saw the benefits of moving society toward post-materialism and "breaking the bonds of fear and currency".  Within the Federation, this transformation proceeded remarkably orderly, with ordinary citizens becoming experts at statistical analysis, predicting when they themselves and their homeworld would reach effective post-material status.  Of course, the wealthy had been effectively post-material for centuries, but for the vast majority of Federation citizens, the freedom from the restrictions of scarcity was a transformational experience that affected their outlook on life and society.

At this writing (at the close of 6777CE) society across old Imperial Space is continuing to undergo a transformation.  While the post-material transformation underway in the Federation of Orion is most obvious change, the governmental upheavals in the Ertan Directorate may also transform the Codeward Region and, elsewhere, post-material changes in the Star Kingdoms Confederation and even the Bengali Dominions are just beginning to manifest themselves.  With the advent of Mode II microjump drives, interstellar travel is likely to become cheaper, safer and faster.  This trend will increase integration between systems and states and perhaps finally achieve a recontact with the old Empire's most distant settlements in the long neglected far Northern and Southern regions.

Chronology Table

6571 The Orion Exposition at Cosgrave is noted for a more business-like style and becomes noted as the confirmation of the passing of the Age of Flamboyance; Cosgrave also hosts the first major diplomatic gathering attended by Aaron Domikal as Regent of the Bengal Dominions.  The starship Exeter, the first natively produced Ertan macrojump vessel, completes its trials, traveling to Garrisa with the aging Karl Larkeen at its helm.
6572 New Defenders on Hastan form the First Defender Legion, a combined force commanded by General Shurlmash Ushlamura, dedicated to both defense of Human worlds and reclamation of Dragon occupied worlds.
6573 The First Defender Legion attacks the Dragon occupied world of Gammata in Sector 773, defeating the local Uzhukharz Pride and forcing surviving Dragons to flee the world after they lose a protracted guerilla struggle.
6574 Vice President Gannan Lastur Nammen wins the Federation of Orion presidential election, continuing Progressive Party dominance over the government.  The Ertan Republic begins its interstellar expansion, absorbing the neighboring Mid Fusion Era world of Soren and establishing the Ertan Vanguard Service for exploration and contact.
6575 General Shurlmash Ushlamura declares the Defender Republic at Annei, incorporating Nabeth, Hastan and Gammata.  The Bengali scout vessel Bevan Oslik becomes the first of several starships to disappear in Sector 328.
6576 Bengali Regent Aaron Domikal authorizes the creation of Orders of Knighthood for each recognized Variant and Race within the Dominions, placing equal emphasis on military, scientific and civic accomplishments.
6577 With the First Defender Legion still burdened with Gammatan reconstruction, General Ushlamura authorizes Jorhan Galvik to form the Second Defender Legion to secure the Defender Republic's systems against persistent Dragon raids.
6578 Bengali Emperor Talon authorizes the creation of the position of Sector Viceroy, open to all Bengali Variants and Races, and responsible for civil budgets for each recognized Bengali Sector.
6579 The Second Defender Legion defeats the Fzhraha Pride and seizes control of Turcana Lun in Sector 737.  Ustral joins the Defender Republic.
6580 Gannan Lastur Nammen wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion despite the conviction of his Vice President, Urla Vremme, on corruption charges.
6581 The Second Technologist Renaissance begins with the founding of the Technologist Institute for Blended Beings by Gideon Lazaru on Delgado in the Star Kingdom of Tannberg.  Elson joins the Ertan Republic and with Elson's entry, the Ertan Senate amends the Declaration of Sentient Rights to include Risen citizens.
6582 The Turgil survey vessel Sithka 6 limps to Lashmeer after discovering the Awoken homeworld of Core in Sector 328.  Ferus Soul, leader of the rapidly reproducing Awoken machine race of fugitive Risen declares his War on Biologicals and attacks Lashmeer and Swarm 96 in a futile attempt to protect the secret location of Core.  Awoken seed ships depart trailing, north and rimward from Core to preserve the race in case of defeat in the war.
6583 The Bengali Dominions launches attacks against Core and three newly discovered Awoken enclaves in Sector 328, retreating after the bloody First Battle of Core.  The Star King Confederation sends a combined fleet to Sector 328 to fight the Awoken.  The League of Independent Races and the Federation of Orion debate the Awoken issue without reaching resolution.  Bengali rioters attack a group of Risen at the Orion Exposition on Kumar.
6584 Gannan Lastur Nammen resigns as president of the Federation of Orion to avoid prosecution in a corruption probe, allowing his Vice President Kladia Ratuul to serve out his term.  The Terran Khalifate's Order of Valor sends two full fleets to aid the Bengali Dominions against the Awoken.  Awoken attacks spread through the trailing sectors, sterilizing the Sector 326 worlds of Tobias and Barnard, killing nearly a billion Humans.
6585 The Federation of Orion and the League of Independent Races send fleets to fight the Awoken.  The Second Battle of Core ends with an allied retreat and severe damage to Core, but Awoken attacks continue, reaching deeper into civilized space.  A cadre of former Irmingham navy officers gains control of the Sector 165 world of Carson, making the high population world a base for their Order of the Phalanx, an organization based on New Defender principles and dedicated to protecting worlds against B'dr'rak and Rootjalik expansion.
6586 Egalitarian Party candidate Laskal Banjamol wins the election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion after defeating a corruption-weakened Progressive party platform.  The Zhretra develop a plague to destroy the Awoken, entrusting it to the Risen for distribution.
6587 The Zhretran Plague devastates the Awoken, allowing the allied forces to destroy their homeworld at Third Battle of Core and cripple the remaining Awoken raiders.  Bengali and Turgil scouts scour unexplored space, destroying four Awoken seed colonies.
6588 The Star Kingdom of Lanander legalizes Risen citizen status in recognition of their loyalty in the War on Biologicals; other Star Kingdoms follow suit in the course of the next few years.  A Bengali task force destroys a backup of Ferus Soul after a battle in Sector 1308 annihilates an Awoken seed ship convoy.
6589 The Orion Exposition on Yend features many pro-Risen pavilions trying to highlight the contributions of the Risen to Orion society.
6590 A covert Awoken operation results in the destruction of three cities on Kane, killing over twelve million Bengali citizens.
6591 A New Defender patrol intercepts and destroys an Awoken seed ship traveling through Sector 323, eradicating surviving escape pods.
6592 Kaeli Fastung-Braito, daughter of Axel Fastung, wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion on the Progressive Party ticket, promising reform and modernization of the military services.  The Galactic Festival returns to Bengal as part of the yearlong celebration of the fifteen hundredth jubilee of Emperor Talon.
6593 The Khalifate Order of Valor Demon Hunter Fleet sweeps uncontacted northern sectors for Awoken, encountering Quadron raiders and a Hurushin patrol, retreating after a punitive strike on the Quadron Sector 244 world of Taltgitarin.
6594 Despite popular mistrust, the Bengali Dominions legalizes Risen citizen status, subject to strident reproductive rules.
6595 The Orion Exposition on Merian features the last performance of the Seasonals before the retirement of Princess Zephyr.
6596 The Android Rights Movement begins within the Federation of Orion, with a published petition calling for the ban on short-span Androids and modifications to the Sentience Tests.
6597 Malena Hu-Ve'eri-Stark, wife of Prince Landru of Mare and grandmother of the Regent, dies on Mare at age 1,310; Torn Domikal receives her title, becoming Baron of Ostrum on Tyr.
6598 Kaeli Fastung-Braito wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion.  After the Bengali Dominions discontinues its search for Awoken seed ships, King Arkin of Caldera forms the Order of the Deep Hunt (ODH), often called the Knights of the Deep, to continue to search after the three or more unaccounted for seed ships.
6599 Ishkane Fever, a rapidly fatal blood illness, begins spreading though the Terran Khalifate after originating on Iskur; eventually forcing a quarantine on eight Central Region Khalifate systems.
6600 Scattered Android Rights organizations appear in the Star Kingdoms Confederation, holding an Android Freedom Movement rally on Tannberg; though they never gain the influence or infamy of FOO organizations, they cause disruptions of Android production and distribution for years.  The Planetary University of Morris at Alerton publishes the first PUMA Encyclopedia, an annually updated reference work that becomes a standard text for general research throughout the Coreward Region, eventually competing with Singh Historical Foundation publications across Recontacted Space.
6601 The Order of Enlightenment develops an effective vaccine for Ishkane Fever, stopping the spread of the infection that had killed over ninety million people.  Android Rights demonstrators disrupt the Orion Exposition on Sutherland, but fail to garner significant popular support.
6602 The Fundin and the Schingtahar join the League of Independent Races in ceremonies at Schalmar Durgha.
6603 A ruling by the Mendam High Court confirms longstanding laws preventing citizenship and Sentient rights for all mechanical intelligences, including Risen, Awoken, Androids and Heretics.
6604 Vice President Kai Fastung, nephew of Kaeli Fastung-Braito, wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion, despite a growing anti-nepotism movement and a sporadic boycott of Fastung corporate products.  Android Rights protestors attempt to shut down Android Games events at the Galactic Festival on Caldera; the resulting violence causes the Regent to ban the Android Rights Movement throughout the Bengali Dominions.
6605 A League of Independent Races expedition surveys Vuldura, homeworld of the Vuldur, finding a balkanized Pre-industrial Age civilization with only legends of star travel; the League places the system in a protected quarantine.
6606 The Octopod Civility overruns Dragon defenders on the Sector 695 world of Tongbondar, freeing the Human inhabitants.
6607 The twelve world Ertan Republic sends a delegation led by Senator Davro Larkeen to the Orion Exposition at the Great Nebular City, establishing full diplomatic relations and petitioning unsuccessfully for incorporation in the Federation of Orion.
6608 ODH Commander Lasuru Kaldane's expedition destroys an Awoken seed ship in a heavy metal system deep into Sector -08, -04, +03.  Android Rights activists destroy a Fastung Group-owned Android factory on Hegel, destroying thousands of Android vats and killing four workers.
6609 A Turgil expedition visits the Ugati homeworld of Mandaga, discovering a small Industrial Age civilization still struggling in the ruins of Mech Plague-devastated cities; the Ugati politely but firmly ask the Turgil to depart, prompting the League to establish a protected quarantine of the system.
6610 Teslan Star King Rodrick dies on Tesla of a cerebral hemorrhage; his son wins an unopposed election to become Star King Rodrick II of Tesla.  Kai Fastung wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion after changing his vice presidential running mate to a non-family member, Kaldron Lassmanig.
6611 After a string of sabotage incidents, the Federation of Orion arrest the leadership of the Android Rights Movement on conspiracy, racketeering and murder charges.  Kayla Obritein forms the extremist Android Defense Legion (ADL) on Nisan.
6612 Star King Arligan of Tannberg dies; his grandson Narthan succeeds him after a contested election involving five of Arligan's grandchildren.
6613 Hegel hosts the Orion Exposition under heavy security, with local forces battling and killing an ADL team bent on bombing Android-affiliated pavilions.
6614 Star King Narthan of Tannberg imposes a new constitution on his realm, proclaiming the seven Tannberg external sectors as Principalities and assigning his favorite siblings and cousins as princes and princesses; Narthan reforms his kingdom's electorate process to give equal weight to the Principalities and the other seven Star Kings.
6615 Star Queen Yarla of Markham adopts the Tannberg Principality model for her external sectors, triggering a crisis among the Star Kingdom Confederation as the four inward Kingdoms of Tesla, Timbuktu, Irmingham and Orpheus protest the changes and their dilution of influence.
6616 The Egalitarian Party candidate Jlana Kemmer wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion, defeating Vice President Kaldron Lassmanig.  At the Conference of Lanander, the Star Kings agree to accept the Principality Model for external sectors as a choice of each Kingdom, though rumors imply heavy bribery of Alexander III of Orpheus was required to reach consensus.
6617 Local authorities on Kumar kill ADL leader Kayla Obritein and four associates; surviving ADL cells form more extreme splinter groups.  Federation of Orion President Jlana Kemmer signs legislation reforming the Sentient Tests and clarifying regulations on Android production, placating the most moderate supporters of Android Rights while firmly establishing the legality of short-span Android production and ownership.
6618 The Khald'aron Republic bans internal transit though its systems, requiring all commerce and the few permitted passengers to travel only from designated Federation of Orion worlds and only aboard Khald'aron vessels.
6619 The Orion Exposition on Norris occurs without violence or stringent security restrictions despite a failed attempt by the New ADL to assassinate Gordas Fastung.
6620 The Phalanx of Carson defeats a B'dr'rak force at the Battle of Driscoll, freeing the world from B'dr'rak dominion and and subsequently establishing the Phalanx Protectorate, encompassing several Sector 165 worlds; the Phalanx begins patrols to maintain peace between Humans and B'dr'rak freeholders.
6621 The Zhantlian firm of Hurtan Ventures develops the Trannig Seedhome, a biological outpost able to sustain life on inhospitable worlds and planetoids, grown from a large seedpod and nourished by local energy and materials.
6622 Former Vice President Kaldron Lassmanig defeats incumbent Jlana Kemmer to reclaim the presidency of the Federation of Orion for the Progressive Party.
6623 The Order of Valor launches Operation Northern Sweep, a multi-pronged raid against Quadron outposts in the Northern Region; fleets destroy Quadron military facilities at Taltgitarin, Tabritourin and Kistiboo.
6624 The core of the last splinter ADL group dies in a bloody raid on their safe house on Thangorodrim.  Jorj Habash, future first Director of Erta, is born on Erta, the only child of mid-level bureaucrats.
6625 General Alec Reymar's Second Defender Legion defeats the Hrushmaz Pride at the Battle of Two Dark Suns in Sector 737, a bloody pitched clash retold in epic manner by its survivors.   The Orion Exposition on Sitka features of slew of new Zhantlian biological products, including the Trannig Seedhome.
6626 The Khalifate Order of Truth establishes missions on dozens of worlds visited by Operation Northern Sweep, establishing the Terran Khalifate as a the protector of Human worlds from Alien savagery and beginning negotiations to establish protective military outposts in dozens of newly recontacted systems.
6627 In the Battle of Strem's Revenge, the main battle fleet of the New Autarcy ambushes and kills the Divine Emissary Khaldis and her fleet at Kayan Station; a follow-on raid on Nixia itself kills three of Khaldis' Avatars and hundred of thousands of soldiers and civilians; intercession by Mendam and Bengali diplomats prevent a continuing conflict between the Divinity and the New Autarchy after Strem VII agrees to pay reparations.
6628 Former President Jlana Kemmer reclaims her office by defeating Kaldron Lassmanig in the Federation of Orion presidential election.
6629 Hurtan Ventures begins marketing the Trannig Spaceseed, an organism that can transform small planetoids and comet cores into living habitats.
6630 A surviving Avatar of Khaldis gathers her war fleet and with the support of Dragon mercenaries strikes Atea, killing over a million inhabitants but failing to assassinate Strem VII; aided by Mendam and New Defender volunteers, Strem defeats the Avatar's forces at the Battle of Ushumi Station.  The Bengali diplomat, Baron Jose Cardenas, negotiates a permanent peace between the New Autarchy and the Divinity.
6631 The Orion Exposition on Navarre features a conference of ministers who welcome groups of Khald'aron immigrants wishing to settle in Orion and Bengali space.  The economy of the Federation of Orion begins to slide into recession.
6632 On Hastan, Jon Gades abandons his failing nearly six hundred year old body and begins his seventh Incarnation, resuming his affiliation with the cash-strapped Recontact Service.
6633 A joint Alimeen-League contact expedition visits the Adornan home system in Sector 481, finding evidence of a long-abandoned Dragon occupation and only scattered, primitive tribes of surviving Adornans; the League establishes a protective quarantine including a large military planetoid base to counter possible Dragon raids.
6634 Kaldron Lassmanig regains the Presidency of the Federation of Orion, promising to reverse the three year-old economic recession.
6635 The Ertan Vanguard escorts Heronz and Ninami intercept a Garrisan tribute fleet at Alster, destroying the frigate Umbata and forcing its escorts to retreat; the Garissan Star Navy retaliates by bombing the Ertan Republic world of Dessaro, starting the Ertan-Garissan War.
6636 The Ertan Republican Navy defeats a task force of Garissan starships commanded by Admiral Alzo Requari at the Battle of Alster; Alster joins the Ertan Republic.
6637 After a five month lull in combat, the Garrisan Star Navy attacks and bombards Napoli and Hieratta and destroys Keldrik Station in the the outer Ertan system.  Ertan forces, aided by aging frigates loaned from the Merchant Guild, sweep Garissan attackers from Republic systems and raid Garissa, destroying two orbital defense stations and the Devato High Port.  The Antaran Order of Scorpio sends a squadron of frigates and lancers to aid the Garissan Star Navy against Erta.
6638 Ertan Admiral Kanto Rubitar defeats the Garissan Attack Fleet at the Battle of Nokara, saving the Ertan system from bombardment and uncovering Antaran support for the Garissans.
6639 Kanto Rubitar leads the Ertan Combined Fleet in the Invasion of Garissa, cumulating in the surrender of the government after the destruction of the Garissan Star Navy and its defensive squadrons, ending the Ertan-Garrisan War.  The Ertan Republic Marine Force occupies Garissan cities and begins Guild-supported reconstruction efforts.
6640 Shelto Bashar Neemin becomes President of the Federation of Orion at the head of a strong Egalitarian ticket, touting specific plans to improve the stagnant FOO economy.  The Ertan Republic Vanguard begins its Grand Coreward Survey, stretching across nearly three dozen sectors, establishing diplomatic and trading relationships and vetting candidates for incorporation in the growing Ertan Republic.
6641 The Recontact Service ends operations out of Hastan, their remaining ships and facilities sold to the Defender Republic; Jon Gades and his retinue immigrate to the Zhantlas Union, eventually settling on Talendir's Fadran Island.
6642 Bengali Regent Aaron Domikal dies on Paradise of CID-related illnesses; Emperor Talon names Aaron's son Malcolm Domikal as Regent and King of Paradise, triggering a cascade of title and office inheritances across the royal Domikal family.  Garissan citizens overwhelmingly vote to join the Ertan Republic after their first free election.
6643 The Orion Exposition at Bornholm includes a multi-state conference on standardization of Android and Construct fabrication, immigration and transit status; the Bornholm Accords are signed by the Federation of Orion, Bengali Dominions, Star Kingdoms Confederation, Merchant Guild, Realm of Antares and the Ertan Republic.
6644 A Turgil trading expedition to Hortense finds a recovering, but xenophobic Hortense Union, locked in low-level warfare with Hruli worlds further trailing.
6645 After an episode of insanity, the children of Markham's Star Queen Yarla have thier mother declared unfit, appointing her son Kalvin as Regent of Markham.
6646 Shelto Bashar Neemin, enjoying the fruits of an economic recovery, wins easy reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6647 The Gulkan pirate known as Arktukan attacks a Grand Federation depot in the outer Amada system, making off with a large cache of supplies and equipment and becoming the target of a Grand Federation sweep through the border region.
6648 In the Regency Coup, Prince Aldan deposes his brother Prince Kalvin as Regent of the Star Kingdom of Markham and has himself declared Star King of Markham after a disputed election.
6649 The Orion Exposition on Kanpur features popular Blended Being exhibits and products promoted by Technologist followers of Gideon Lazaru.
6650 In the Countercoup, Prince Kalvin of Markham deposes and imprisons his brother Star King Aldan and has himself declared Star King.
6651 A Turgil expedition visits the Falzi home system, encountering a hostile balkanized multi-world Fusion Age civilization and retreating after coming under attack.  Future Ertan Director Seov Habash is born on Erta, son of Republic Navy Lieutenant Jorj Habash and his wife Selya, who soon abandons her impoverished husband and their son.
6652 Lav Devori, a member of the anti-Fastung branch of the Progressive Party, wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6653 A Kith'turi patrol discovers Arktukan's hidden base in the Dark River Nebula; the Gulkan pirate leader perishes in the subsequent clash with Kith'turi and Grand Federation warships.
6654 Mechanist Crusaders attack and destroy an Order of Truth Mission on the Sector 124 world of Ephesus, beginning a period of strife between coreward expanding Ibrahimite missionaries and the Crusader branch of Mechanism.
6655 A macrojump drive malfunction kills Gordas Fastung and his entourage en route to the Orion Exposition on Kasa, starting a scramble among Fastung's many descendants for control over his vast corporate holdings.
6656 Axel Fastung emerges as the new leader of the Fastung corporate empire after selling off several firms to rival relatives.  Orin Larkeen, the future Viceroy of Nachen, the sole offspring of Senator Tagrin Larkeen and only great-grandchild of Karl Larkeen, is born on Erta.
6657 The Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds establishes military outposts in the Dark River Nebula to guard against resurgent piracy.
6658 Silias Fastung wins endorsement of the Progressive Party for election to the FOO presidency, forcing incumbent president Lav Devori to run as an independent for his own job; Egalitarian Party candidate Illio Gutarez becomes President of the Federation of Orion by a plurality and later legislative endorsement.
6659 After failed talks, the Realm of Antares declares the KSUW Dark River Nebula outposts to be in violation of border agreements and demands their removal; after the ultimatum goes unheeded, Antaran warships attack the outposts, starting the Dark River War.
6660 After an Antaran victory at the Battle of Biztur Station in the Rho, the KSUW seeks assistance from the Grand Federation of Races, cumulating in the Friendship Treaty of 6660, which provides advanced technical and material assistance from the Grand Federation to the KSUW.
6661 The KSUW, aided by Grand Federation microjump frigates, wins the Battle of Teal, forcing the Treaty of Nachen settlement in which the Realm of Antares acknowledges joint Antaran-KSUW rights to the Dark River Nebula and enhanced Grand Federation patrol rights.  Unaware of the peace treaty, the organizers of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally announce the cancellation of the race at the Orion Exposition on Hardin.
6662 On the Timbuktu world of Varda, Abdel Rhuzi publishes Coexistent Principles, marking the reinvigoration of Hammedian Ibrahimism as a counter to Khalifate missionary activity.
6663 The Sector 169 world of Lucan expels Ibrahimite missionaries and, with the aid of the First Defender Legion, it establishes the Lucan Protectorate over the neighboring worlds of Nkore and Vikna.
6664 Illio Gutarez easily retains the presidency of the Federation of Orion in an election victory over a fractious Progressive Party.
6665 After an Ibrahimite revolution on neutral Shachar in Sector 34, the ruling council begins a program of genocide against the large Goblin minority and deports Variants to reservations on the system's hostile outer world of Finginan.
6666 The Bengali Dominions dispatches a fleet to protect minorities on Shachar, occupying Finginan and blockading Shachar; an Order of Valor fleet confronts the Bengali force, leading to a standoff and negotiations that end in an Order of Purity occupation of Shachar, prosecution of the ruling council for genocide and a Dominions-sponsored emigration program for all minorities.
6667 Denali hosts an Orion Exposition noted for a successful conference on religious tolerance hosted by President Gutarez and attended by both Ibrahimites and Mechanists.
6668 The Bengali Dominions launches the Southern Survey, a large-scale mapping and recontact expedition aimed at the far southern sectors.
6669 Abdul Rehman Khari, Khalifate Grandmaster of the Order of Enlightenment, institutes what becomes known as the Martian Syllabus, a science-friendly Ibrahimite instruction curriculum mandated to schools and educators throughout the Khalifate.
6670 Silias Fastung, at the head of a reunited Progressive Party, wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6671 The Bengali Southern Expedition recontacts the Latra race, regressed to an early industrial existence on their two worlds.
6672 Largu Ban Sharr becomes Goblin King of Rotshak after murdering his uncle and begins the construction of his Royal Armada.
6673 The Orion Exposition at Kumar serves as the groundbreaking for pylons supporting the construction of an orbital ring around the world.
6674 Through bribery threats and warfare, the Goblin King of Rotshak begins his consolidation of Goblin colony worlds, starting with the annexation of nearby Grendel.
6675 The Vhaki Plague, a lethal blood disorder, sweeps across the Sector 764 world of Khanlavar, killing millions and spreads offworld on Guild and ITA vessels, leading to a growing quarantine that soon encompasses thirty systems.
6676 Silias Fastung narrowly wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  The Vhaki Plague spreads into Principalities of the Star Kingdom of Irmingham, creating a panic that nearly shuts down interstellar traffic within the Star Kingdom Confederation.
6677 Timbuktu biologists develop a vaccine against the Vhaki Plague, but a cure remains elusive, leading to a restricted quarantine of five heavily infected worlds, where in total over a hundred million have died.
6678 The Risen Morrie Automan transforms himself into an exponentially reproducing Meme at Amada, beginning the Meme War. Dozens of Risen and Heretics created their own Memes, compromising Amada systems. The Amada authorities, aided by loyal Risen, Heretics and Zhretra, defeat the Meme uprising, though at a loss of two million biological and half a million core machine personalities. Scattered Meme outbreaks strike across a half dozen Coreward worlds and nearly thirty starships and outposts.  The Khald'aron Republic refuses to renew the seven hundred year old lease of the Vanguard base at Rigel, giving the five hundred residents three years to evacuate the facility.  Future Ertan Director Siantia Habash is born to an unknown mother, fathered by Seov Habash, who claims the child to gain junior officer family quarters at his Ertan Marines posting on Nokara.
6679 Meme outbreaks strike on Faztulu Drift and Resnik, killing nearly a million beings before Zhretran Plagues overcome the Memes.  The Fastung-owned Bionic Corporation introduces the Metamorph Variant, able to adapt to multiple environments, at the Orion Exposition on Luminous.
6680 The Meme War ends with the surrender of the last Replica of Morrie.  After a Royal Armada blockade and a coup, the populous Goblin world of Lamonde joins the Goblin Kingdom, completing Largu Ban Sharr's consolidation of the seven trailing Goblin settlements.
6681 Surviving Memes take refugee at Dhjarlapanor.  Zhantlian geneticist develop a cure for the Vhaki Plague, distributing it to relief starships that reach the infected worlds; in all the Vhaki Plague has killed over three hundred million, including eighty percent of the population of Khanlavar.
6682 Egalitarian economist Turigar Laverno wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion, defeating Progressive Vice President Laksmi Gatos-Burel.  The Goblin War begins after a skirmish between Velan Presidium defense ships and a Goblin Kingdom cruiser at Harper.
6683 Despite a Velan pledge to eradicate the Goblin Kingdom and bring Largu Ban Sharr back in chains, the Goblin Royal Armada soundly defeats the Velan First Battle Group at the Battle of Karelia and bombards the Velan world before withdrawing.
6684 A League of Independent Races expedition to the Xam home system in Sector 1270 vanishes after leaving Swarm 106.  An ailing Karl Larkeen departs Erta in a singleship, dividing his estates between his two surviving children.  General Horis Babkin assassinates Velan President Karna Rebatti and assumes command of the Presidium, rallying the Velan worlds against Goblin raiding forces.
6685 After the indecisive Battle of Riese's Eye, the Velan Presidium and the Goblin Kingdom agree to a permanent armistice and establish diplomatic relations, cumulating in the signing of a peace treaty witnessed by major government leaders at the conclusion of the Orion Exposition on Tudor.
6686 The Betelgeuse Antares Rally resumes for the first time since the Dark River War, featuring an exciting race won by the Casap Captain Rurgar Urbza aboard the Red Fang in just under 228 days, a new record time.
6687 Unknown assassins immolate and kill Abdel Rhuzi on Othello; marking the beginning of the spread of the Rhuzi sect of Hammedian Ibrahimism; a local investigation clears local Mechanists of the crime but arrest no other suspects.
6688 Turigar Laverno wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Antaran Lord President Kolin Major dies during a regeneration; his son Turin Major secures the Lord Presidency after considerable maneuvering and after gaining the reluctant support of his older sister, Layda Major.  The Realm of Antares increases tariffs on Merchant Guild imports.
6689 Increased piracy, often from systems near the Antaran periphery, plagues both Guild and independent traders; calls for greater Antaran piracy suppression go unheeded.  After rumors of an Awoken threat and increased Quadron pirate activity, the Khalifate Order of Valor launches a new Demon Hunter Fleet into the Northern Region, finding no Awoken, but destroying a few Quadron pirate outposts and briefly engaging a Hurushin defense force.
6690 The Merchant Guild channels aid and encouragement to the Ertan Republic, supporting anti-piracy patrols and raids.  Ertan naval officer Jorj Habash receives promotion to Rear Admiral after his cruiser squadron defeats Kandik Hulmo-Vassik's pirate operation in Sector 726.
6691 The Ertan Republic Senate authorizes attacks against raiders operating out of space claimed by the Realm of Antares.  Antaran Lord President Turin Major authorizes a full mobilization of his navy and instructs the Order of Scorpio to 'interdict' Ertan and Merchant Guild traffic.  The Antaran War begins when defense lancer squadrons at Bastian fire on the visiting Ertan frigate Rainbow.  A Cubic survey ship finds the remnants of the League Xam Expedition in Sector 715, trapped in a sub-giant system after a series of accidents, and assists with repairs and evacuations of the survivors to Swarm 183.
6692 The Order of Scorpio raids the Ertan system, destroying the Ottara Naval station and killing most of the Ertan High Command including its Chairman, Kanto Rubitar; the Ertan Senate names Jorj Habash as Grand Admiral of the Ertan Navy and Chairman of the High Command.  The Merchant Guild offers subsidized loans to the Ertan Republic to support the war effort.  Layda Major is assassinated by order of her brother Turin during her four hundredth birthday celebration.  The Betelgeuse Antares Rally ends in a tense and heavily guarded Antares system, with four vessels damaged by jittery Antaran patrols.
6693 Namerin secedes from the Realm of Antares, its defense forces ambushing the Antaran Second Fleet at the Battle of Namerin; the surviving Antaran warships destroy the Namerin High Port before an Ertan fleet secures the system.  Admiral Habash destroys an Antaran convoy at the Battle of Basra.
6694 Laksmi Gatos-Burel regains the presidency of the Federation of Orion for the Progressive Party.  The pitched Battle of Farris ends in a stalemate, with both Ertan Admiral Jorj Habash and Antaran Lord President Turin Major withdrawing their battered forces from the system.  Continued commerce raiding from the Order of Scorpio and a horde of Antaran privateers convinces the Ertan Senate to declare a Republic-wide martial law under Admiral Habash's rule.
6695 Ertan Admiral Jorj Habash leads a daring raid on Nachen itself, destroying its defense fleet and damaging the orbital ring defenses before retreating.  Ertan Senator Davro Karkeen dies in a pirate attack on his convoy as he travels to peace conference on Khandor; the Anataran Lord President's grandson Vanik Major also dies after an attack en route to Khandor.  Anti-war sentient grows within the Ertan Republic after Admiral Habash refuses to send another peace delegation to Khandor.  In response to Order of Scorpio attacks on its shipping, the Theran League declares war on the Realm of Antares.  Ertan Senators Tarn Bellevordi, Tagrin Larkeen and Basro Rubitar form the Steel Fist coalition, vowing to destroy the Realm of Antares.
6696 Ertan Admiral Jorj Habash names his son Seov to the post of Marshall of the Ertan Marines and sends a fleet to aid the Theran League in its fight against the Antarans.
6697 Ertan Admiral Jorj Habash gives his granddaughter Siantia in marriage to Senator Tarn Bellevordi, cementing his alliance with the Steel Fist pro-war senatorial faction.  The Great Nebular City host an Orion Exposition dominated by a new generation blended products and enhancements from dozens of major vendors; organizers cancel the Betelgeuse Antares Rally in light of the continuing war.
6698 Ertan Admiral Jorj Habash defeats the Antaran First Fleet at the Battle of Bannik, killing Admiral Harvin Major and destroying over eighty starships; Harvin II Major is cloned to infanthood on Nachen after word of his father's death.  A bomb destroys the Ertan Senate chambers, killing sixty of the two hundred members; Admiral Habash fills the vacancies with Steel Fist supporters, pending new elections.
6699 At the Battle of Nachen, Admiral Jorj Habash leads his Combined Ertan Fleet to a decisive victory; Turin Major dies in the destruction of his flagship Blood Scorpion, and his son Alexander Major refuses to assume the Lord Presidency, surrendering to Habash aboard the Gargantuan.  Ertan forces occupy Antaran worlds and enforce martial law.  The Theran League joins the Ertan Republic.  Cleon Bellevordi, son of Tarn Bellevordi and Sianta Habash, is born on Erta.
6700 Egalitarian Party candidate Lessa Farovi defeats incumbent President Laksmi Gatos-Burel to become President of an economically stagnant Federation of Orion.  After post-war elections, the Ertan Senate narrowly refuses to renew the dictatorial powers granted Admiral Jorj Habash; Habash compels the Ertan courts to nullify the election and convinces the rump Senate to declare him Director of Erta, effectively establishing the Ertan Directorate.  The Ertan Marines, under Seov Habash's command, stifle dissent, arresting fifty-seven former Ertan senators, a third of whom are eventually executed for treason.  The Ertan military consolidates its control of Antaran worlds, ending mort pirate activity.
6701 Ertan Director Jorj Habash repudiates Erta's war debt to the Merchant Guild, citing the overwhelming burden of war reconstruction.  Jorj Habash names his son Seov as Chairman of the High Command and Deputy Director.  A Merchant Guild assassination plot against Jorj Habash fails, and after a public disclosure and threats of attack on Guild installations, the Merchant Guild apologies, forgives Erta's debt and signs a friendship treaty with the Directorate.
6702 Researchers on the the Albian world of Coron develop techniques that allow for the commercial production of living metal alloys.
6703 Tarn Bellevordi and Siantia Habash travel to the Orion Exposition at Arundel as official representatives of the Ertan Directorate.
6704 The Betelgeuse Antares Rally resumes under Ertan sponsorship, the finish line a newly constructed military facility on Itzarka, a planetoid orbiting Teal.
6705 The Orphean firm Devroe Geneering develops and patents Metallic Organisms, using a technique to combine Coronian living metals and bioengineered components into a variety of industrial, construction and vehicular products.
6706 Lessa Farovi easily wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion after a strong first term economic performance.
6707 The collapsed core of Jupiter cools unexpectedly, starting a process that dims the artificial sun's output by over twenty percent, dramatically affecting the weather on its four terraformed moons.
6708 The Ring of Kumar reaches functional completion with the opening of triple orbital spaceports and industrial complexes at primary pylon intersections along the orbital ring structure.
6709 The economy of the Federation of Orion enters a deep downturn.  Marina Bellevordi, daughter of Siantia Habash and Tarn Bellevordi and future wife of Orin Larkeen, is born on Erta.
6710 Technologists on Delgado develop cybernetic accessories derived from Metallic Organism components, allowing natural-like High and Low Cyborg enhancements.
6711 Ertan Director Jorj Habash dies after a sudden aneurysm; his son Seov Habash succeeds him as Director, maintaining his Chairmanship of the High Command.  Seov Habash officially dissolves the Ertan Senate, appointing loyal Senators as Viceroys or Consuls of Ertan worlds and banishing or arresting his opponents.
6712 Agan Fastung, son of Silias Fastung, becomes President of the Federation of Orion, soundly defeating the Egalitarian Party candidate Ollius Rotgan, who commits suicide soon after viewing final election results.
6713 The equatorial ocean of Callisto begins to freeze, despite local efforts to reverse an ice age initiated by the dimming of Jupiter; the Khalif authorizes construction of space-borne mirrors to focus light onto the world to lessen the cooling.
6714 Rootjalik military forces hunting Human and B'dr'rak raiders strike multiple targets in Sector 274, eventually confronting and skirmishing with Tannberg patrol vessels.
6715 The Ertan Directorate and the Terran Khalifate sign the Dragonfly Accord, establishing border and customs agreements and allowing limited Order of Truth missionary activity within the Directorate.  The Star Kingdom of Tannberg and the Second Rootjalik Empire reach an agreement on patrol zones to avoid further conflict along their border.
6716 The Fak join the League of Independent Races after thirty years of negotiations led by the Turgil diplomat Sheliman Chuosho.
6717 The Grand Federation of Races and the Terran Khalifate sign the Amada Accord, establishing a neutral zone along their respective borders and allowing the Merchant Guild exclusive access to systems within that zone.
6718 Agan Fastung easily wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Khalif Mohammed V appoints the reformer Ali Ramez as Grandmaster of the Order of Ibrahim.
6719 Grandmaster Ali Ramez unveils his Civil Service plan, outlining a secular bureaucracy and Provincial (Sector) and System Governors appointed directly by the Khalif, subject to review by local Order of Ibrahim councils.
6720 Sparlavap Fever, a virulent brain virus, begins to spread through the Morris system and to neighboring systems, prompting a quarantine of the Morris system and a monitoring of all Sector 314 starship traffic; the outbreak kills over two million people and strands the senior Ertan leadership who where conducting a conference with Morris system leaders.  After some controversy and debate, Khalif Mohammed V approves Grandmaster Ramez's Civil Service overhaul initiatives and replaces two protesting Grandmasters.
6721 Ertan Director Seov Habash dies of Sparlavap Fever on Morris; Tarn Bellevordi forces through the ascension of his wife, Seov's daughter Siantia Habash, as Director of Erta.  Kallin Baldrik, Viceroy of Nachen, instigates the Nachen Revolt, an uprising that soon gains the support of many former worlds of the Realm of Antares and of the Ertan Third Fleet.  Director Siantia Habash names her young son Cleon Bellevordi as Chairman of the High Command, ordering him to crush the rebellion; Cleon appoints Admiral Orin Larkeen as Grand Admiral of the Ertan Navy.  Both Alexander Major and Harvin II Major denounce Baldrik's revolt and begin working toward a peaceful settlement.
6722 The Merchant Guild backs Baldrik's Nachen Revolt and supports his assumption of the title of Lord President of the New Antaran Realm.  Ertan Chairman Cleon Bellevordi orders raids against Merchant Guild facilities and concentrates his fleets, retaking the high population systems of Farris and Morris, destroying the Osirian exile ship River of Stars at Morris. 
6723 Tarn Bellevordi and Alexander Major die in a assassination bombing on Erta while trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the Nachen Revolt.  Baldrik's revolt collapses after his defeat and death at the hands of Admiral Orin Larkeen at the Battle of Outer Cirilia.  Orin Larkeen resigns his military commission to become Viceroy of Nachen.  Harvin II Major, the surviving scion of the Major family, accepts a commission as a Lieutenant in the Ertan Directorate Navy and is stationed on the Khalifate border.
6724 Remarko Debevell wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion on the Egalitarian Party ticket.  Siantia Habash resigns as Director of Erta in favor of her son Cleon Bellevordi, who retains his control of the High Command.  Orphean researchers develop a vaccine and cure for Sparlavap Fever, distributing it to the Morris system.  Pirates operating under the Order of Scorpio banner begin operating out of bases in Sectors 654 and 655.  The Zhantlas Union allows registered and restricted Memes to be licensed for travel and residency within the Union.
6725 The Ertan Directorate Navy launches anti-piracy operations against the Order of Scorpio, ultimately committing four fleets to patrol and eradication efforts.  Alton Rubitar, future Regent and Chairman of the Ertan High Command, resigns his commission as a lieutenant in the Ertan Navy under clouded circumstances after an obscure Fourth Fleet anti-piracy operation.
6726 Grandmaster Ali Ramez hosts the Council of Oberon, bringing together non-Sapien and Alien Khalifate internal exiles and Bengali representatives to discuss the rights and privileges of non-human residents in Khalifate space; the resulting documents provide a legal framework for secular life within the expanding Khalifate.
6727 Leshra Industries demonstrates its Omnivator fast replicator at the Orion Exposition on Zirconia, paving the way for the beginnings of a post-materialist transformation of the economy of the Federation of Orion.  FOO President Remarko Debevell announces programs for economic transformations, starting at the Great Nebular City, Kumar and Luminous.
6728 Ertan Director Cleon Bellevordi marries Helena Talmud, daughter of the Consul of Soren; their son Seov, is born later in the year.  With permission from Viceroy Orin Larkeen, Harvin II Major resigns his naval commission, returns to Nachen and marries Seri Faryakian-Ballan of House Ballan on Nachen, uniting the old Presidential Houses of Nachen.
6729 Leshra Industries begins widespread distribution of Omnivator units outside the Federation of Orion, earning fantastic profits as demand far outstrips its supply and distribution capabilities.
6730 Remarko Debevell wins reelection as president of the Federation of Orion.  Ertan Director Cleon Bellevordi leads an expeditionary force against B'dr'rak raiders in the Freeholder regions along the south-trailing Ertan border, destroying five bases and two freeholds.
6731 The Sector 369 world of Bismark, ruled by a oligarchic military junta, achieves independent interstellar capability and begins military scouting expeditions to neighboring systems.
6732 Tensions between the Zhantlas Union and the Ertan Directorate over aggressive Ertan patrols against pirates and smugglers in Sector 366 leads to minor skirmishes and a break of diplomatic relations between the two states.  Ertan Director Cleon Bellevordi forms an expeditionary fleet and begins attacks on 'pirate outposts', sacking Harbin and destroying a Zhantlian military outpost at Oshomog.
6733 Ertan and Zhantlian squadrons engage in intensifying skirmishes and commerce raids, avoiding direct battle and outright war, the numerically superior Ertans stymied by Zhantlian technological supremacy.  Replicator-themed products, including entertainment integration, dominate the Orion Exposition on Casimir.
6734 Mechanist Primal Uvon Yektiban resigns after three hundred years of service, clearing the way for the ascension of his protégé, the moderate and well-liked Vars Rushonov, head of the Mechanist diplomatic corps.  His retreat cut off by fast Zhantlian frigates at the Siege of Rutlastek, Cleon Bellevordi signs a truce with the Zhantlas High Council; a formal peace and border treaty follows in ceremonies at Warren Lun.  Cleon's sister Marina Bellevordi marries Viceroy Orin Larkeen in ceremonies on Nachen.  The Federation of Orion adopts protocols to clarify distinctions between Avatars and Memes.
6735 Heirate Zekeal Zalmas seizes effective control of the thirteen world northern Libran Concorde in a hard-line coup that leads to the expulsion of Khalifate diplomats, merchants and missionaries.
6736 Vice President Jemerna Brevari wins the Federation of Orion presidential election, continuing Egalitarian Party rule and aggressive pro-post-materialist policies.
6737 The Great Nebular City demonstrates itself to have achieved a full post-material economic transition, just ten years after the introduction of the Leshra Omnivator.  Pavl Larkeen, son of Marina Bellevordi and Orin Larkeen, is born on Erta.  The twins, Jena and Norin Major are born on Nachen to Seri Faryakian-Ballan and Harvin II Major.
6738 The Sector 341 world of Kadesh declares itself an open port, expelling the Merchant Guild to the Osirian Eagle's Aerie as punishment for its involvement in a failed anti-government coup.
6739 The Orion Exposition on Karnak hosts an economic conference dedicated to reviving the theories and practices of post-material governance and fiscal policies.
6740 Significant flaring from Antares forces the diversion of the finish of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally to New Sicily and prompts the Ertan Directorate to harden Kishtoron Station, the single remaining monitoring outpost in Antares orbit.
6741 Mohammed VI becomes Khalif of the Terran Khalifate after his father, Khalif Mohammed V, dies of natural causes at age 451; the new Khalif reappoints Ali Ramez as Grandmaster of the Order of Ibrahim, signaling continued moderate rule and gradual reform of governing institutions.
6742 Jemerna Brevari easily wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Dragon raiders attack New Defender outposts in the Gammata system, bombarding the world before withdrawing; the First Defender Legion attacks a Jzhrak'tu Pride base in Sector 1385, setting off the Defender War against a coalition of Dragon Prides and Nations.
6743 Dragon raiders besiege Gammata and Nabeth and destroy New Defender outposts and shipping in three sectors; a major engagement at the Battle of Zhruka's Companion leaves the Second Defender Legion in tatters.
6744 General Astok Hammon takes command of the remnants of the Second Defender Legion and wins renown by breaking the Dragon siege at the Battle of Nabeth and then defeating the fleet of the Jzhrak'tu Pride at the Battle of Isak's Rings.
6745 After the Third Defender Legion liberates the Sector 773 worlds of Kargidill and Urshan, the Dragon coalition collapses, leading to a general armistice signed at Nabeth.  The young Seov Bellevordi leads the Ertan Directorate's delegation to the Orion Exposition on Cumbria and arranges for the BAR to again run to New Sicily, promising a completion of hardened facilities at Teal in time for the next running of the Rally.  The Merchant Guild allows registered Memes access to shipping and facilities.
6746 A planned conference at White Wind Drift between Khalifate diplomats and ambassadors from the Mechanist Primal are cancelled after Mechanist Crusaders threaten to destroy the Drift.
6747 The Martian writer Alexander Revark publishes Toward a Civil Society, a treatise on developing secular institutions within the Khalifate; the document is initially banned by the Order of Purity which subsequently arrests Revark for subversion and blasphemy.
6748 Egalitarian economist Iniki Hurgo Labondo wins the Federation of Orion presidential election, solidifying Egalitarian Party control of the government.
6749 Ertan Director Cleon Bellevordi approves a new constitution, enshrining the Directorate bureaucracy and the roles of Viceroys and Consuls in local government affairs; critics denounce the constitution as "imperial" and "autocratic", lacking even the pretense of legislative or judicial oversight.  The Federation of Orion recognizes the citizenship rights of Restricted Memes.
6750 Severn Starship Systems (S3) of Irmingham successful tests a prototype microjump engine based on hybridized mechnobiotechnology subsystems.  Census calculations demonstrate that Kumar and Luminous, as well as eight Habitat and Drift Federation of Orion members, have achieved post-material economies.
6751 Khalifate Grandmaster Ali Ramez travels to the Orion Exposition at Pluviose, signing trade and diplomatic agreements designed to improve access to Early Microjump Era technology within the Terran Khalifate.
6752 Ertan Director Cleon Bellevordi drowns while sailing in the northern Ofal Ocean on Erta, Cleon's widow Helena arranges for the ascension of their son Seov Bellevordi as Director of Erta and Chairman of the High Command.  Ertan Director Seov tours Nachen to fortify his rule, then travels to Antares to oversee the finish of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally at the newly commissioned Cleon Bellevordi Station in orbit around Teal.
6753 In Sector 369, the Bismark Wehrmacht occupies Gwendolyn, conquering the Industrial Age world with an orbital bombardment and a military occupation of key cities.  Seov Bellevordi marries Tille Haombori, daughter of the Consul of Majel, in private ceremonies on Erta.  Seov's grandmother, former Director Siantia Habash, commits suicide on Erta.
6754 Iniki Hurgo Labondo narrowly wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion as Fastung corporate interests gain significant influence over the ongoing post-materialist economic transformation.  Severn Starship Systems begins selling production Mode I microjump systems both within and outside the Star Kingdom Confederation; though Star King Martin IV declares the microjump manufacturing process to be a state secret, he grants licenses for microjump starship fabrication and export to three closely held Irmingham manufacturers.  Harul Bellevordi, son of Seov and Tille, is born on Erta and become Director heir-apparent.
6755 Khalif Mohammed VI pardons Alexander Revark and rules his writings to be suitable for publication and discourse with the Khalifate.
6756 Bengali Prime Minister Alman Domikal inaugurates the Imperial Institute for the Advancement of Society, a multi-disciplinary research and educational center on Glorious, dedicated to pushing the Bengali Dominions into the Early Microjump Era.
6757 The Orion Exposition on Tanverdi features a display of microjump starships; the Exposition is disrupted by the attempted assassination of Bengali Regent Malcolm Domikal by Maximus extremists.  Pavl Larkeen marries Jena Major on Nachen, cementing ties between the old Presidential Houses of Nachen and the dominant Ertan Houses.
6758 Unknown assailants murder and incinerate Alexander Revark in his home on Mars.  Sabra Bellevordi, daughter of Seov and Tille, is born on Erta.  Jarik Larkeen is born to Jena Major and Pavl Larkeen on Nachen.
6759 The Divinity of Aurgeus and the New Autarchy clash above the Sector 411 world of Duarte, with both governments supporting competing faction in the Early Fusion Era world's civil war; a skirmish won by the Divinity threatens war between the two interstellar states.
6760 Danal Fastung, a son of Silias Fastung and former Chairman of Agharta Arms, wins the Federation of Orion presidential election.  Negotiations mediated by the Swarm Republic and the Bengali Dominions ends the Duarte Crisis between the Divinity of Aurgeus and the New Autarchy and Duarte becomes a neutral world under the protection of Swarm patrols.  Gion Larkeen is born to Jena Major and Pavl Larkeen during a visit to Erta.
6761 The Spacetime Investigative Project, a joint Bengali-Swarm technology project, begins operation around the isolated Khasandi back hole in Sector 180.
6762 The Free Sapiens Movement, an anti-Variant, pro-democracy group, has its founding meeting on Paradise, calling for the conversion of the Bengali Dominions into an Orion-style Federation.
6763 Favori Labs of Lanander demonstrates their HMBT-based hyper-quantum computing prototype at the Orion Exposition on Kumar.  After clashes with security forces on Paradise and Aeneas, the Bengali Dominions bans the Free Sapiens Movement, which becomes an underground, mostly non-violent, dissident organization spreading to dozens of high population Dominions worlds.
6764 Ertan Director Seov Bellevordi's wife Tille dies of a stroke while visiting her parents on Majel, the Director declares a year of mourning and builds her an elaborate tomb on the upper Brandywine in Exeter on Erta.  The Zhantlas Union recognizes the citizenship rights of Restricted Memes.
6765 On Orpheus, security forces uncover and suppress a plot by egalitarian "New Republicans" to overthrow Star King Alexander III and secede from the Confederation.
6766 After co-opting much of the Egalitarian Party platform, Danal Fastung wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6767 The Merchant Guild begins its Great Northern Expedition, a sweep of a score of northern sectors in search of new markets.
6768 Merchant Guild scouts encounter Quadron corsairs, forcing the reinforcement of their expeditionary fleets.  Viceroy Orin Larkeen and his wife Marina die in a skimmer accident on Nachen; Director Seov Bellevordi confirms Orin's son Pavl Larkeen as the Viceroy of Nachen.
6769 The Khald'aron Republic completely closes its borders to foreign traffic, enforcing its isolation with polite but firm military patrols.  Khald'aron emigrants petition for increased settlement rights, disrupting the Orion Exposition on Leyte.
6770 Severn Starship Systems develops a prototype Mode II microjump engine suitable for vehicles under 30 meters diameter and begins a limited production run.  The first running of a class of Mode I microjump vessels for the Betelgeuse Antares Rally attracts seven participants, with the winner requiring 284 days to complete the course, finishing 54 days behind the macrojump winner.
6771 The Merchant Guild's Great Northern Expedition ends, having established over two dozens outposts and trading enclaves among northern worlds and tentative contact with the Hurushin.
6772 Egalitarian candidate Egmarin Dessik narrowly wins the Federation of Orion presidential election, defeating the uncharismatic Vice President Urlon Harshev.  The Galactic Festival on Glorious features prototypes of many Bengali-produced Early Microjump Era products, though the much vaunted indigenously produced microjump drive vessel Emperor Talon manages only a brief trouble-prone jaunt back and forth to Alcyone.
6773 The Direct Action Group (DAG), a virulently anti-Futaris offshoot of the Free Sapiens Movement begins a campaign of assassinations, killing seven prominent Bengali Futaris including Altaran High Priestess Shandra Ortig of Enki.
6774 Quadron raiders attack the Merchant Guild base on Mysore, triggering a punitive expedition against Taltgitarin and an increase in Guild patrols searching for new Quadron settlements and bases in the northern region.
6775 The Star Kingdom of Irmingham authorizes widespread export of Mode II microjump vehicles of up to 30 meters diameter, demonstrating four commercial models at the Orion Exposition on Aquinas.
6776 An unknown assailant assassinates Ertan Director Seov Bellevordi, his son Harul and several members of their entourage; Alton Rubitar, Protector of Arorar supports Sabra Bellevordi's ascension to the Directorate, naming himself Regent for the four weeks prior to her eighteenth's birthday and appointing himself Chairman of the Ertan High Command.
6777 Ertan Director Sabra Bellevordi marries Chairman Alton Rubitar in ceremonies on Erta and adopts his two children from a previous marriage, Jadik and Elisha Rubitar.

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