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Alphabetical Personality Listing

This index is a listing of personalities mentioned in the future history chronology or articles.  All dates are in the standard calendar (CE).

  • Anderson, John (1963-500) King of Libertas 2373-5004, oldest living human at the time of his death
  • Atkinson, Thomas (1998-2182) First President of Atlantis; member of the Copernicus Five
  • Bartos, Joseph (2007-?) King Joseph I of Venus (2512-2534), Chairman of Maxwell Biogenics until at least 4760
  • Bourasaw, Joseph (1925-2358) Oldest living human at the time of his death
  • Bourassa, Arianne (2006-2263), First Duchess Normandy, member of the Copernicus Five
  • Cardenas, Jose (2098-2214) Captain of the CSEA Cousteau
  • Dmitriev, Anatoly (2012-2214), First Marquis Valentina; member of the Copernicus Five
  • Donner, Willy (2286-2437) Economist, founder of General PsychoMacroEconomics
  • DuBois, William (1975-2267) Count of New Orleans; Commonwealth political
  • Dubrin, Alphonso (2008-2132) Count of Camden, Assassinated Commonwealth Liberal Party leader
  • Dunbar, Robert (1921-2156) Oldest living human at the time of his death
  • Gupta, Yatindra (2091-2335) Count of Tharsis, Commonwealth and Confederation Liberal Party leader
  • Henke, Ernst (2198-2254) Terran M'kkiae War Lord Admiral, killed at the Battle of Tarartus
  • Hermann, Dirk (2250-2281?) CES singleship pilot and advisor to the Hermann Base, lost in the Gatemaze
  • Hu, Zhaoxing (2071-2132) TCSF Admiral responsible for the suppression of the Anarchist Revolt
  • Hwang, Janet (2008-2357) Third President of Atlantis
  • Johannessen, Tomas (2152-2307?) First Captain of the Drake and Einstein, Grand Admiral, politician, Life Therapy proponent
  • Jones, Catherine (1923-2237) Oldest living human at the time of her death
  • Kagnon-Mellon, Albert (2315-2636) Unifier and first King of Mars (2516-2636)
  • Karinsky, Pavl (2036-2516) Founder of the Mechanist religion
  • Khalid, Akmad (2199-2262)  M'kkiae War Admiral killed at the Battle of M'kkia
  • Kumar, Rajiv (2103-2476) Captain of the CSEA Athena and founder of the Kumar hyperbolic cometary colony
  • Masoud, Khalid (2040-2091) Captain of the CSEA Hesperus
  • McKnight, James (1967-2320?) Explorer, politician, First Duke of Kalmar
  • McKnight, Tor (2208-2709) King of Kalmar (2370-2709) and founder of the Kalmar Pact
  • McKnight, Odin (2214-2401) Governor and Duke of Gladsheim
  • Narita, Yasuhiro (1997-2243) Easterner Admiral, first commander of the Battlestar
  • Ombutu, Janet (2209-2262) M'kkiae War Admiral, liberator of the Khzraut,  killed at the Battle of M'kkia
  • Patel, Sanjay (2281-2343) Secession War Rebel Admiral, killed at the Battle of Iapetus
  • Reynard, Armand (2206-2336) M'kkiae War Admiral and post-war Grand Admiral
  • Rheyes, Yan (2147-2415) Co-discover with the Janus AI of the macrojump governor
  • Sandoval, Ann( 2231-2343) M'kkiae war veteran and Secession War Rebel Grand Admiral, killed at the Battle of Iapetus
  • Shelton, Todd (2204-2262) M'kkiae War Admiral killed at the Battle of M'kkia
  • Singh, Erik (2203-2259) M'kkiae War Admiral killed at the Battle of Champa
  • Timmins, Aaron (2156-2243) Second Duke of Texas Captain of the gravstarship Pride of Terra, Amaterasu War Admiral
  • Timmins, Alfred (2241-2339) Fourth Duke of Texas, died during First Great Battle of Terra
  • Timmins, Andrew (2102-2187) First Duke of Texas; Commonwealth Horizon Party leader
  • Timmins, Arnam (2248-2390) First Duke of California and Alliance of Life leader
  • Timmins, Attila (2254-2748) Founder and Lord Governor of Tyr
  • Timmins, August (2212-2341) Third Duke of Texas, M'kkiae War Admiral and Secession War loyalist Lord Protector
  • Turki, Karl (2205-5801) King of Atlantis (2276-2817 and 3705-4770)
  • Turki, Viggo (2136-2347) Captain of the Columbus, five-time President of Atlantis and Grand Senator
  • Virma, Pradeep (1995-2120), member of the Copernicus Five; 'Father of Martian Terraforming'
  • Walter, Joachim (2225-2409) Bishop and founder of the Penance colony
  • Willenski, Ronald (2209-2284) Confederation Reformed Party leader, Assassinated
  • Wu, Jun (2007-2132) First Countess of Prosperity Through Purity, member of the Copernicus Five;  'Mother of the TerraNet'
  • Zhang, Minghui  (2026-2259) Amaterasu War Admiral, M'kkiae War Grand Admiral and victor at the Battle of Sirius
  • Zhang, Ping (2128-2339) Cyber terrorist responsible for the Tangerine Plague of 2147

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