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Federation War Map (toward Coreward)

  z/x +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6  
Thick Disk +6                          
Thick Disk +5                          
Thick Disk +4                          
Thin Disk +3       Fak Salv Kith't Kith't mix mix        
Thin Disk +2     mix Broit Salv Kith't *Ant            
Thin Disk +1       Salv Salv Kith't Kith't Carg Carg        
Galactic Plane -1   Kraz Zhtl mix Khab mix mix B'd'k mix        
Thin Disk -2     Icew Kbab !Tak Khab B'd'k B'd'k B'd'k Ballo      
Thin Disk -3       Mor   mix Yerm Yerm Yerm        
Thin Disk -4               Yerm          
Thick Disk -5                          
Thick Disk -6                          


This map shows the strategic view of the the Federation frontier and is similar to that used by Admiral Orlan D'Juma in planning exercises during all four Federation Wars.  The map looks from the Imperial center to the Coreward with the vertical scale indicating galactic North and South and the horizontal scale indicating Spinward and Trailing.

The purpose of the map is to provide a quick and clear two dimensional view of the three dimensional Federation front.  Red labeled areas indicate regions of active revolts, orange labeled areas indicate border territory, blue labels indicate loyal races and gray areas indicate strong points of Federation forces beyond the Imperial Coreward border. Abbreviations specify major Federation racial populations, with underlined names specifying the race's home region.  Sector 690, home to Antares and D'Juma's adopted homeworld Nachen, is indicated by *Ant.

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