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Cyborgization is the enhancement of a biological being with mechanical or non-genetically delivered biological devices or capabilities.  It includes organ or limb replacements, internal electronics, advanced nanomachines, and enhanced or additional capabilities, limbs, or senses. Normally, nanomed medical treatments for anagathic and standard health maintenance are not considered cyborgization, though some societies may consider these common life extension treatments to deviate from the natural Human form.  Replacement of body parts with cloned or transplanted human tissue is not considered cyborgization unless such replacements are significantly enhanced. Genetic alterations, including all generally recognized human Variants, are not considered cyborgization as these alterations form a permanent part of an individual’s genome and are normally transferable to subsequent offspring.  Likewise, the complete replacement of a Human's brain with a mechanical artifact, the Heretic transformation, in not considered cyborgization and is treated under the article on Artificial Beings.

The Imperial Ministry of Commerce Census Office and Ministry of Justice Immigration Office categorized artificial enhancements in three categories: Cosmetic, Low and High Cyborgization.  These categories remain canonical in most advanced Human Space states.

Cosmetic Cyborgization

Cosmetic enhancements are common in most Technological and Interstellar Age societies.  Nearly all individuals in such societies have access to minor enhancements and many WorldNet communication systems cannot function without some sort of implantable personal communications or data device.  Normal cosmetic enhancements include implanted communicators or computers up to the sophistication of Sentient Companions, advanced monitoring or repair nanomeds, external data and interface ports, eyeball displays, and cosmetic skin or other minor body alterations.  Chameleon and morphing nanomeds are generally considered cosmetic cyborgization.  Extended vision spectrum up to twice the Human EM bandwidth or twice Human acuity is generally considered a cosmetic enhancement if not implemented by whole eye replacement.

Low Cyborgization

A Low Cyborg is an enhanced Human.  By definition, the Low Cyborg maintains basic human form and appearance and cannot possess extra limbs or dramatically non-Human alterations of existing limbs, organs or senses.  A Low Cyborg may have replaced up to two limbs or organs with mechanical or implanted biological replacements. The abilities produced by these organs can be up to three times the Human standard capability.  A Low Cyborg may have up to one additional non-human sense, most often sonar, magnetism or biolink telepathy.  Normally, a Low Cyborg must maintain the ability to naturally reproduce, at least in anatomy.

High Cyborgization

A High Cyborg deviates significantly from the Human norm.  Any replacements of three or more limbs or organs or an enhanced full skin replacement qualifies as high cyborgization.  Any additional limbs, any ability exceeding three times the Human standard or any more than one non-Human sense qualifies as high cyborgization.  Extreme non-Human forms including various “brain in a can” deviations and vehicle integration symbiosis (VISBorgs) are obviously examples of High Cyborgs.


Most governments, religions and organizations in Human Space still use Imperial categorizations, though local variations and exceptions often apply. Very often, worlds will require special permits and visas for High Cyborg residents or visitors.  On most worlds, implantation of lethal weaponry automatically qualifies an individual as a High Cyborg, with appropriate law enforcement restrictions.

The Federation of Orion, Zhantlas Union and Star Kingdoms have no legal restrictions on cyborgization, baring those related to lethal enhancements.  Other governmental entities are more restrictive, ranging from specific permitting and licensing requirements in the Ertan Directorate, Mendam Codominium and Bengali Dominions, to outright bans in the Terran Khalifate.

The Ishmahili Ibrahimite Church does permit some cosmetic cyborgization in the form of medical nanomeds for health and life extension, though nothing that alters external appearance, even cosmetically, thereby restricting any chameleon or morphing nanomed implants.  Hammedian Ibrahimites permit some medically justifiable organ replacements, but no external or appearance altering cyborgization.  All Ibrahimites completely ban any sentient implants or sentient direct communications links and require seamless skin covers for all data and interface ports.

Standard Technologism allows all cosmetic and low cyborgization modifications and accepts enhancement of standard Human senses and abilities beyond the High Cyborg threshold.  Most Technologist Centers will allow additional High Cyborg alterations, but only with dispensation from a High Developer.  The Free Technologists remain more tolerant, allowing any form of cyborgization without specific permission.

All Golden Stasis sects allow cosmetic cyborgization.  The Altara Mystery sect will allow low cyborgization for Initiates.  High cyborgization is incompatible with the Golden Stasis ideal and will result in immediate excommunication.

Mechanists encourage cosmetic cyborgization and commonly engage in low cyborgization.  High cyborgization is incompatible with conventional Mechanist law, and though it does not bring excommunication, it does bring rebuke and is strictly forbidden for Service Incarnates.  Progressive and Crusader Mechanists often violate the threshold of High cyborgization, but usually do not fault their enhancements, disguising them with biological covers

Other reactions to cyborgization vary greatly between societies.  While some cultures encourage or at least accept cybernetic modifications, others may react violently, forcibly removing the cybernetic implants or killing the recipient outright.

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