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This page contains additional material for my novel Jupiter Bound, available as an eBook on Amazon and Kobo

This is the first batch. I'll add additional material to this page later.

Odin Poster
(available as a print from
Odin Poster


Fleet Composition Sheet
Fleet Composition Sheet


Fleet Comparison Sheet
(the .pdf is a little easier to read)
Fleet Comparison Sheet

Martian Navy Org Chart (01-March-2519)
Org Char-01-Mar-2519

And the Org Chart after the 15-Apr-2519 re-org:

The Insignia Guide below will help interpret the ranks:
MSN Insignia Guide

Here is the initial Martian Fleet deployment:
Initial Martian Deployment

Old cover concept.
It shows Hendricks Station and survives as the middle image on the triptych on the back cover of the trade paperback

That's all for now...




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