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Wide Range Map 6750CE

Period y/x +12 +10 +8 +6 +4 +2 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10 -12 z
730CE +12                          
2335CE +10                          
3220CE +8                          
3500CE +6                          
3860CE +4                          
4250CE +2                          
4750CE -2                         +1-1
5250CE -4                          
5750CE -6                          
6250CE -8                          
6750CE -10                          
Imperial Human World Terran Khalifate League of Independent Races
Absorbed Grand Federation Race Bengali Dominions Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds
Human Recontacted World Star Kingdoms Confederation Yerman Union
Human Unrecontacted World Federation of Orion B'dr'rak Confederation
Swarm Worlds Ertan Directorate Grand Federation Client States
Grand Federation of Races Realm of Antares Rootjalik Empire
Khald'aron Republic Mendam Codominium Cargoman State
Dragon Worlds Zhantlas Union Uncharted Space
Unsettled Region Minor Human States Octopod Civility

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