07/01/2005:  I've added three more short stories as I keep practicing my writing (and a big thanks to you guys for all your input!).   There are seven new images in the artwork section, four reflecting my attempts to start learning how to use Mojoworld effectively.  And I've added to the future history section, with three aliens (OK, so one is Humans, and so the Goblin Races are not truly aliens and I was too busy to provided images of either... and the Hitzarchi are extinct (ish), for that matter), plus a new languages section where I'm trying to work up alien and future languages and alphabets.  On the languages, the verdict is out on whether I'm being clever or just out there.

03/14/2005:  I've started my writing project by working on character sketches in my Stories section.   I've added six articles to my future history section: two governments, two religions and two aliens.  I've also updated my planetary classification tables.  See the  future history update section for a quick update reference.  That makes about 27,000 words so far this year, so I'm getting some writing practice.  Also, I've completed seven new art images.  I've also added a picture of our new cat Joseph to the slightly redesigned personal page.  I went through an updates some links too, so everything on the front page gets a new! by it.  Oh, and my PlanetGen (Version 0.03) is thrown onto the Projects page, in the starcl download directory.

12/25/2004:  Merry Christmas or other solstice-related holiday.  This is purely a future history-related update (almost).  I've completely redone the Maps section, adding well over a hundred pages to provide a 4D map sequence covering 6,000 years of history across over 30,000 inhabited star systems, plus I've made a wider area map and redone the 3D maps from a couple of years ago.  I've also added some genealogies and tweaked some aliens articles, all noted in the future history update section.  And I've added downloads for my old starcl program off the Projects page.

11/26/2004:  Well I've finally managed to bring my future history chronology up to its first draft completion, with entries for every year from 2052 to 6777CE now completed.  Now I can work on articles and supplementary materials to my heart's content.  I'll also start doing the ground work for a novel or nine, but don't expect to see much of that for a year or two.  I did add some nice color to my alien races chart to show native ecology, but I haven't done any more articles, or even edited the ones that need it.  More to do later.  Also, I've done a little bit more art; three random items included for amusement's sake.  I hope to be able to get some more art and maybe some articles done before the end of the year.  Oh, and I cleaned up those little images at the top of the pages, making them clearer, smoother and smaller (in data, not dimensional size).

09/05/2004:  As the summer draws to a close, I've managed to work in another update.  I've added nine new renderings to the artwork section, all related to my future history chronology, which is now published up to 6400CE.  It's still my goal to finish the chronology (up to 6777CE) by the end of the year, and that's limited some of the variety of the new content, and will probably continue to do so until I'm finished with it.  Or at least the first draft.  With supplementary material, I'll probably working on it twenty years from now.

05/30/2004:  A bit of variety in this update.  I did some fantasy art for a change, three renderings that I hope the captioning helps.  I finished an addition to my future history chronology, now up to 6015CE and also compiled nine technology era articles off the technology page, ranging from the Atomic Era to the Late Microjump Era, plus an article on  Artificial Beings - thanks to Terry Hosken for his comments on the technologies, and definitions of life, sentience and the lot.  I also update the Personal section, adding pictures from this year, and finally, an updated resume section.

03/21/2004:  This update mostly represents me pushing my future history chronology to 5780CE (dropped AD in favor of "Common Era") and mostly associated artwork. There are some article updates and a new alien write-up, but most of my other related non-chronological ideas and articles are still in a conceptual stage.  Not enough time.  I did make a minor update to the personal section, mostly to note the passing of our cat Frisker on March 3.  He was old and had been ill for some time.  I will try to do a better personal section update soon and to include some new pictures from my new digital camera.

11/29/2003:  Work slowed me down for a while, but it pays the bills, so I guess I shouldn't mind too much.  This update finally includes 16 pictures from our trip to Norway this last summer.  Most of the rest is a  future history update with the six additions to the artwork section, all related to the illustrated history of the Easterner Exodus. The future history chronology now extends to 5346AD and I added four races to the alien section.  All future history updates are noted in the future history update log.  For the next update, I hoped to do some more varied art, and I'm beginning some preliminary work on UXP version 4.0.

08/28/2003:  Well I finally did an artwork update.  The nine (um, ten if you include the, um tall tower) pieces of art were all done within two weeks, so I suppose they just have to wait until the manic art mode strikes me.  The images all tie into the future history chronology in some way and I have extended it though one more period to 5153AD.  I've also updated the format of the aliens, and added one more, as noted in the future history update log.

07/03/2003:  One more update before vacation time.  I extended my future history chronology through two more eras to 5010AD, and I played with Bryce and Paint Shop Pro to make a 3D map poster.  Plus some edits and additions on Human Variants, as noted on the future history update log.  I'm starting to feel the urge to do more art, and I'll probably working on that as the summer progresses.

06/13/2003:  Well, I finally decided that not even I could wade through the 2,700 years of completed future history and stay awake, so I modified the format from 5 strictly chronological tables to 14 pages that start with essays covering the period and then continue to the chronological table for more detail.  It should now be as exciting reading as, well, historical essays (hey, I'm using my degree - um, sort of). There's also an overview table with the whole chronology to date (still stuck at 4753AD)  It's all on the redesigned future history page.  And as the future history update log says, I've also included two entirely new articles, covering cyborgization and Human genetic Variants.  That's probably all until after I get back from Norway.

05/24/2003:  This is unfortunately strictly a  future history update.  Even the image for the Dragons is a quick rework from an earlier art project.  I've completely restructured my future history pages to reflect current and future plans for material development and the complete set of changes are in the future history update log, but to summarize what I've added (sing it with me now...): four new alien write-ups, three hundred plus more years of chronology, two two-dimensional maps and an essay on the nasty Mech Plague.

04/06/2003:  This update was delayed a bit by disaster, war, accident, and various other priorities.  Most of the work came post-Columbia disaster and focuses on a third cut of my Universal Expeditions framework (maybe I should send it to NASA so they can snicker and ignore).  I've also updated my future history to 4400 and added some more alien write-ups, plus an artwork update, which includes some UXP V3.0 artwork and future history art (including two 3D maps in the future history section).

12/30/2002:  Last update of the year (duh).  Hard to believe I'll be thirty-eight tomorrow.  I've not been too creative lately, since the Exchange 2000 migration at work ate most of my brain cells for the fourth quarter.  Anyway, I added six more items to my artwork, some artsy, some silly.  The future history and associated material is now up to 4220, and I updated the related aliens page with more aliens and a write-up of the Teechiri.  I also wrote A Brief History of The Grand Federation of Races (or, how to sum up over 100,000 years in less than 2,500 words).

10/05/2002:  I finally actually wrote a new short story, even if it is very short.  Also, extensive work on the future history, including a slew of maps, a complete Imperial genealogy chart, one more alien race detail, worm drive details and the future history extended to 3900.

08/18/2002:  Since I passed one more test and finally got around to becoming a Windows 2000 MCSE, I updated my resume section to reflect current certification exams and classes attended.  I also added some future history stuff, pushing the chronology up to 3600 and adding one alien race.  Plus minor format tweaks and updates of the boring background material.

08/04/2002:  Mostly just some more design changes, compressing the main page for lower resolutions and consolidating and formatting the personal pages, plus I pushed forward the future history until 3512 and began work on the intelligent races (aliens) page.

07/20/2002:  Well, Kent recommended I use more art pages, so I redid the main page, and then added some new art and a little bit of future history stuff, plus tweaking with the style a bit.

06/23/2002:  First a minor update to complete my early Empire future history chronology and associated materials.  Then, I actually added a story to the story page, even if it is twelve years old.  The I updated my Links page and finally, I "standardized" this page.  More standardization to go, with the front page last.  Some other weekend.

06/16/2002:  No content changes (except error corrections and reformatting), but finished converting all the artwork to the new pages. Also updated the project pages to the new look and feel.

06/08/2002:  Mostly this is the introduction of my new art page.  Seven new drawings on this set of pages, with the entire art tree moving/morphing to new locations over the next undefined period of free time.  The old page is still there, but over time, more and more links will die.  Also, updated my future history stuff, pushing the detailed chronology to 3250.  This update also begins the push out of a new look to the whole site.  Eventually it will all be a similar style, as appropriate.

05/17/2002:  Since it's Norwegian independence day, I should put up my pictures from last month's trip to Norway.

04/19/2002:  A quick update before I leave for a short trip to Norway.  I have seven new images, including one that if anyone finds even mildly offensive, I would suggest they go be offended somewhere else.  Also, more future history stuff including another 100 years of chronology, planetary classification and links to the raw spreadsheet data that underlies the future histories (boring, incomplete and very large, but whatever- it's also a form of offsite backup).

03/17/2002:  A combined update, including seven new images (well, OK one is two versions of the same thing, with Poser and without, but whatever).  Plus I started adding signatures to the images.  Also, I've expanded my future history  page, adding another 130 years to the Imperial history, adding a section on microjump drive, and splattering copyright notices on most of the html docs (Thanks for the suggestion, Rob).

02/24/2002:  Definitely a geeky update.  Nothing but additions to my future history  page, providing the first hundred years of Imperial History, background documents on faster than light travel modes, the Imperial Charter and supporting documents and the first dozen centuries of Imperial genealogy. 

02/02/2002:  Finally!  Cool date today though.  A new hosting provider, so hopefully email will be more stable.  Today, I first added my revised future history chronologies.  More detail to come there if anyone is interested.  And then I did an artwork update; I will work to reorganize that space soon.  Since I now have 150MB to work with, I hope to do more stuff, time permitting.

08/25/2001: Added 26 images to two new  galleries.  One of various new images, one of better models for Universal Expeditions illustrations.

04/27/2001: Added pictures from our Shuttle Launch Tour vacation to Florida.

04/15/2001:  Another artwork update, with 8 new and one improved image.  Tomorrow, we're off to Florida to watch a shuttle launch!

03/25/2001: Tweaked and extended my Universal Expeditions section.

03/18/2001:  Added another future history chronology.  Also started work on my Universal Expeditions section.  The second level of work is about half done.  More to follow soon.

03/04/2001:  Finished this round of updates by tweaking my resume page for the new year, and by finally putting up some of my old future history stuff.  More to come, hopefully within the month.

03/03/2001:  I'll save you the saga of computer upgrade hell. Suffice to say, I now have a Dell Pentium IV 1.3 GHZ machine with half a gig of RAM.  The Athlon 1.2 was faster, but it wouldn't stop corrupting the registry software hive. This update includes all the half-decent artwork I've done since the last update, now in convenient pages by theme.  Since art is what I've been adding, I made it a like at the top of the site as well.  Hope to update or add some non-art things soon.

10/22/2000: Continuing my space theme, four more artworks, including planets, fighters and other ships, oh my.

10/14/2000: Three more space-themed Bryce artworks.  I'm starting to build up a collection of props and materials I've built to play with. 

09/30/2000:  Four more Bryce artworks.  All of which benefited from "RTFM".  It helps to read the sections on materials (especially volumes).

09/17/2000: Yeah, I know, about time.  New marquee, obviously.  I've added pictures from our trip to Norway.  And some pictures of our cats.  That's what I've done with my digital camera.  Once I kick up the old scanner, I'll add the wedding and honeymoon pics.  Also, I've added an Art section under Projects, and updated all my resume stuff to account for the last seven months.  Not looking for work now, though.  Also, a few more links.

01/17/2000: A new millennium (or not, if you're a stickler.. but how many checks have you screwed up?).  Added a whole resume section with pages dedicated to various aspects of my struggle to earn a living. Changed around the top page a bit.  Changed the personal page and added a link to the picture of my new house. And finally put in a few more links.

09/21/1999: Yeah, well, I've been busy.  Added a page with a picture of Karen. And a new picture of my house, if anyone wants to buy it.  More soon. No, really.  I have to write a little ode to Splat D Cat, who adopted me recently.  He kills mice, hehe.

06/12/1999: Added a page with showing a picture of my house and truck. Added a little story from Consultant Hell.

05/03/1999: Minor fixes to annoyances myself and others have noticed. Made this page Y2K friendly too...

04/28/1999: Back from a little vacation. Put together a quick work section under Background. Added my resume, supporting projects list and my certifications. (1/17/2000 - these are still there, but superseded by the resume section)

04/21/1999: Created directories and default pages for sections. Added commentary to Run, Rodent, Run.

04/20/1999: Site created. Run, Rodent, Run added.