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Artwork Main Page

This section of showcases my computerized artwork renderings.  I started doing computer art back in '00 as a way to unwind, but I began to get some recognition for it.  Ringside View was cover No. 488 at Sci-Fi Weekly and several of my images are featured on Desktop Starships.  Much to my surprise, I became one of the 4th quarter 2006 winners of the Illustrators of the Future contest by submitting Ringside View, First Landing and LostSoul.  So technically I'm published in print as well, with one interior illustration to my credit in Writers of the Future Volume XXIII (page 390). 

Since 2011, I've focused more on writing than art.  I still do an occasional rendering, but mostly, it's related to something I'm writing.  I will  update this page with some more recent works soon. 

If you want to buy prints of some of my work, you can still get them at my Zazzle store.  Please let me know if there are additional images that you may be interested in purchasing.

For software, I still primarily use Bryce (7), with figures imported from Poser or DAZ Studio.  I mostly use Paint Shop Pro (now version X7 from Corel) for postwork, texting and compositing.  I have Vue and keep meaning to teach myself how to use it.  I need to learn some more modern and supported modeling software too.

All of my images are accessible in the topical galleries reached by the submenu navigation icons at the top of this page or by the links on the right.  Most rendering since 2003 are wrapped in their own pages, with descriptions or background information, but older thumbnails just lead to full-sized versions of the images.

Below, are thumbnails of my more popular images (as rated in views or favorites on Renderosity, where lately I've tended to post my images first, since that's easier than updating these pages) and then a set of all my images since the last update of this page.  Enjoy.

  The Fantasy Section contains various fantasy-themed renderings.

The SciFi Section contains various science fiction-themed renderings that don't fit into my future history or Universal Expeditions themes.

The Future Section contains chronologically ordered science fiction images related to my Future History.

The UXP Section contains renderings from versions of my Universal Expeditions (UXP) concept of a umbrella foundation for conducting space exploration.

The Misc Section contains rendering that don't fit well into any of the above categories.

The Archive Section contains older, more marginal renderings.  These may be capriciously deleted if I get short on on space.


Most Popular Art

(Top dozen in views or favorites on Renderosity as of 2/05/2011)

Ringside View
(1200X600) 194kb

(1200X600) 189kb

Minerva at Titan
(1024X768) 202kb

Sitting On The Edge Of The Sky
(768X1024) 137kb

Dejah Thoris Departure
(1920X1200) 910kb

Saturn Arrival
(1440X900) 302kb

Wreck of the Gherman Stepanovich Titov
(1200X900) 326kb

Silent Running
(1024X768) 154kb

Windblown Sky
(1200X800) 308kb

Odin Cutaway Unannotated
(1600X1200) 351kb

On Amaterasu
(1024X768) 270kb

Explorer's Rock
(1920X1200) 339kb


Newest Art (July 2010 - January 2011)

More future history related science fiction images.


All Alone In The Night
(1366X768) 393kb

Audacious Passage
(1440X900) 401kb

Coming In Hot
(1440X900) 371kb

Container Chaos
(1600X1200) 433kb

Cruising Past Deimos
(1440X900) 206kb

Final Approach
(1440X900) 253kb

(800X1200) 206kb

Io, Nap Of The Earth
(1680X1050) 483kb

Mars Landing
(1440X900) 258kb

Odysseus At Charon
(1280X768) 261kb

Off Towards Mars Landing
(1440X900) 292kb

On Frozen Ground
(1920X1200) 843kb

Patrol Off Mars
(1920X1200) 425kb

Saturn Arrival
(1440X900) 302kb

Swords At Phobos
(1920X1200) 509kb

Trans Mars Injection
(1440X900) 196kb


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