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LEO Station
Mission Statement
Lunar Orbit
Lunar Surface
Mars and Beyond

Mission Statement >

Universal Expeditions has the goal of creating a non-profit organization whose goals are to work with government, industry and other non-profit organizations to develop vehicles and systems necessary for the exploration, travel and settlement of space and to lead the way by using these technologies to conduct expeditions into sub-orbital space, earth orbit, the moon, Mars and beyond. 

Funding must come from tax-deductible donations of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a space-faring civilization a reality.  Universal Expeditions will not lobby governments or industries to invest in space, it will invest directly, leveraging current technologies to lower access costs to space and to build an infrastructure of systems, vehicles and modules capable of reliable space access.  If government grants or corporate sponsorships are available, we will not hesitate to use them, but independent funding and governance must remain at the core of the organization to avoid the pitfalls faced by government and industry.

Universal Expeditions must focus on its goal of expeditions into space, not public opinion nor return on investment. By focusing on space travel and not commercial applications, we can develop good relationships with the aerospace industry, providing new markets and absorbing development risk without threatening their profits.

The technical basis of the Universal Expeditions is incremental improvements of existing technologies.  Let NASA work with air-breathing rockets and single stage vehicles.  We will apply proven concepts and developed components to build our infrastructure.

Incremental changes in currently developed systems will allow us to scale from sub-orbital expeditions to orbital vehicles and platforms in this decade and to vehicles capable of returning to the moon, landing upon it and  traveling beyond in the next decade.  Using proven American and Russian technology, we can accomplish all this a fraction of what it would cost NASA.


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