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Future History Maps

This section is a complete redo (as of December 2004) of maps relating to the future history project and includes the following sections:

4D Maps Series

A set of sector-based maps covering Human Space during eleven eras from 730CE to 6750CE.

Navigate the far left year-labeled cells to pick the time period and the far right cells to pick the Z-axis above and below the plane of Sol.

Enter at the Galactic Plane, 6750CE.

3D Map Series

Four views of the area of Known Space from 4750CE




Note on Sectors:

An Imperial sector is a cubic region 100 standard light years on a side.  The Imperial sector system is a relic of the historic expansion of Humanity, universally accepted, but cartographically idiosyncratic.  Sector 0 is the location of the Solar system as of the Imperial map adjustment of 3500CE; it is a point-sized sector at Imperial coordinates (0,0,0).  Sectors 1-8 are the first tier of 100 light year cubes surrounding the Solar system.  In the Imperial coordinate system, the X axis defines Spinward (+) vs. Trailing (-), the Y axis defines Coreward (+) vs. Rimward (-) and the Z axis defines North (+) vs. South (-).  Standard Imperial Maps show cross sections starting at the 6th Northern set of one gross sectors and descending to the 6th Southern set. 

Sector numbers define the "tier" or "shell" of sectors outward from Sol.  The numbering system starts at the extreme positive Sector (on all axes) and proceeds though that top cross section, positive X to negative X, then positive Y to negative Y, then positive Z to negative Z. Tier 1 (Sectors 1-8) is closest tier and contains all the Old Colony worlds of the historical Confederation.   Expanding outward is Tier II (Sectors 9-64), Tier III (65-216), Tier IV (217-512), Tier V (513-1000) and Tier VI (1001-1728).  With Imperial expansion mostly ending within 600 light years of Sol, no official maps carry a Tier VII sector structure.  Sectors outside the Empire are usually indicated by sector coordinates (e.g. Sector +03,+13,-02).

At the establishment of the sector system, Sol was approximately 50 light years above the galactic plane.  As a result the sector cross section below Sol (-1 Z, or the first Southern section) neatly brackets the galactic plane, the location of the densest star populations, star forming clouds and many young and highly metallic systems.  The thin disk of the galactic arm extends approximately 350 light years from the central plane.  This region contains the most useful star systems of moderate age and metallicity and corresponds to Z sector coordinates from +3 to -4.  Beyond this region stretches the thick disk, extending another thousand light years through increasingly diffuse, ageing and low metal systems.


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