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One of the original purposes of was to publish stories and help me work towards another attempt at writing a novel.  After completing the draft future history chronology at the end of 2004, I began work towards that goal.

Since then, I've written four novels and a couple of dozen short stories.  Only one of the short stories counts as a professional sale,  becoming a winner of the Writers of the Future Contest (XXVII) in 2011.

The traditional publishing route is a frustrating, time-consuming processes.  It's quite possible that it's filtering me out for entirely  justified reasons, but I'm going to pursue the indie publishing route and see where that takes me.  Since this is a .org site, I'm going to focus my commercial efforts on a .com site,

I started the project by publishing my winning story, Sailing the Sky Sea on Amazon and Kobo.

You can also check out my Author Page on Amazon and check out the Books Section of this site.

  The Books Section contains information about novels I've published, written, or plan to write.

The Stories Section contains short stories I've written and have decided to share on this site.

The Misc Section contains miscellaneous writings and ramblings.


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