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In 1989, I wrote a complete novel, Awakening, set in my future history, in 2702CE.  I tried for a while to get it published and get an agent, but then I got on with life and got a real job.  Someday, I'll convert the text to html and post it here, but for now, it's dumped in this directory as a single Microsoft Word document.  It comes in at 750kb and 113,000 words.

I wrote a second novel, Kali, in 1991, but I was never 100% happy with it.  In October 2005, I participated in the National Novel Writing Month and I took the plot, together with new or reworked characters and completely rewrote the story as The Needle and the Skull.  I'm still working on the second draft (honestly, I think it needs a complete re-write. Again), but I did manage to make myself a prospective cover.

Next, inspired by the military science fiction series of David Weber, David Drake, Jack Campbell, among others I sat down and wrote Jupiter Bound in 2008.  If you want a realistic view  of interplanetary combat in the twenty-sixth century (or at least something within the bounds of physics as understood today), then this is the book for you.  Six rejections, and because I did it serially, including nineteen months at Baen, it took five years.

I have written two additional books in this series, Sunward Bound and Starward Bound.  The series can go to four or eight books, or more with spin-offs if any of these sell.  Definitely four books, though, since I want to finish the story arc.  Jupiter Bound was released in February 2016, both as an eBook and a trade paperback.  Sunward Bound was released at the end of July, as an eBook and the trade paperback is coming.

I've just finished the first edit pass on Starward Bound, so it will take a while, I'm working on Draft #3, but Jupiter Bound took nine drafts and Sunward Bound eight, so it might be a while.  I'm hoping no more than six months between each release, so Q1 2107 for Starward Bound.  Since it takes me five or six months to write a 100,000 word rough draft, the fourth book, Duty Bound, is not likely to be even drafted until the end of 2016.

Here's a link to my Amazon Author Page.

And below are the covers.  The front cover image links to the eBook and the full cover to the trade paperback.

Jupiter Bound small cover




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