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Major Projects

Snohomish County PUD, Exchange 2003 Migration

When: Summer 2005
Role: Planned, designed and implementing the upgrade of the District's overworked Exchange 2000 servers to Exchange 2003, upgrading to new hardware then migrating mailboxes, public folders and third party connectors, including Blackberry FaxServe and Clearswift Mailsweeper.

Snohomish County PUD, Windows 2003 Server Conversion

When: Winter 2003/4 - ongoing
Role: Planning and converting District servers from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 in an ongoing upgrade and rationalization project. Over eighty servers , including domain controllers will eventually convert from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 with a targeted 10-20% reduction in total server count.

Snohomish County PUD, Email SPAM and Virus management

When: Summer 2003 – Fall 2003
Role: Led group that deployed Clearswift Mailsweeper for SMTP and a Symantec anti-virus plug-in to control/monitor and overcome internet SPAM and virus threats. Designed implementation architecture, installed programs and oversaw implementation, training and tuning of products to combat the changing and growing threat of SPAM and viruses.

Snohomish County PUD, Windows/Office XP Desktop Migration

When: Summer 2002 - Spring 2004
Role: Working with the project team to provide lead support for the Active Directory design and implementation components of the planned desktop migration project to allow for streamlined deployment and maintenance though Active Directory group Policy.

Snohomish County PUD, Exchange 2000 Migration

When: Summer 2001 - Fall 2002
Role: Planned, designed and implementing the upgrade of the District's aging Exchange 5.5 infrastructure, upgrading to new hardware then migrating mailboxes, public folders and third party connectors to an Exchange 2000 infrastructure to provide better reliability and easier maintenance.

Snohomish County PUD, Windows 2000 Active Directory Implementation

When: Fall 2000 - Winter 2000/2001
Led task force working to design and implement a Windows 2000 Active Directory structure to support the Utility District's 1000 employees and 50 servers.  Converted domain, upgraded services and implemented pilot DFS universal share structure.

Snohomish County PUD, Storage Area Network Implementation

When: Summer 2000 - Winter 2000/2001
Worked with vendors to design procure and implement a pilot Storage Area Network using a Compaq MA 8000, Windows 2000 servers and ARCServe and TSM backup solutions.

Snohomish County PUD, Remote Access Project

When: Spring/Summer 2000 
Led task force that developed new Remote Access policies and implemented a standard VPN/RAS, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000/Microsoft Terminal Server remote access solution.  Accomplishments included developing and receiving management approval for standards, replacing the existing Citrix WinFrame solution, and supporting the pilot implementation.  Also overcame Microsoft License Server complications.

Snohomish County PUD, Windows 2000 File and Print Server Conversion

When: Spring 2000 
Converted File and Print services for over 400 District users from existing hardware to new Windows 2000 servers residing in the Windows NT 4.0 domain structure.  Transferred all shares, profile and home directories, overcame Windows 2000 printing issues and developed the team's expertise in Windows 2000 technologies.

Cambridge Technology Partners, Internal Windows 2000 Rapid Deployment Program

When: Fall/Winter 1999/2000
Led the Cambridge Technology Partners’ Windows 2000 Rapid Deployment Program project.  Responsibilities included both working with Microsoft to prepare for an internal deployment of Windows 2000 at Cambridge and preparing Cambridge Networking Services for deploying Windows 2000 to customers through training, service offering development and coordination of seminars and marketing efforts. Responsible for an assessment of Cambridge’s internal networking infrastructure, project planning and initial design work.

Muzak, Inc., Windows NT and Exchange Migration Design

When: Summer 1999
  Senior Consultant on a Project to design a migration form Novell NetWare and GroupWise to Microsoft NT and Exchange.  Assessed the existing environment. Developed an architecture for the new Network Operating System and Messaging environment. Built the project plan to migrate all locations from the old environment to the proposed environment.

City of Seattle, Public Safety Network Migration Assessment

When: Spring 1999
Lead analyst to define the requirements and effort needed to bring the City of Seattle’s Police and Fire Departments to compliance on the City Standard Architecture.  Developed an assessment based technical and business issues posed by this challenge.  Developed detailed project plans for implementation of the migration.

Paccar, Inc.  Exchange Design Architecture

When: Winter 1998/1999
  Worked with a team that developed the Exchange detailed architecture for a multinational manufacturing organization. Gathered scope and requirements, developed the outlined and completed a detailed design document to support an Exchange environment covering 9,000 clients in 43 physical locations on three continents.

City of Everett, Windows NT and Exchange Migration

When: Summer/Fall 1998
Technical lead on a team that developed a detailed design and migration planning for a municipality migrating from Banyan Vines and Beyond Mail to a Windows NT Domain structure and a Microsoft Exchange messaging system.  Responsible for research, testing, writing and pilot implementation of the architecture and implementation plan.

City of Bellevue, Exchange Pilot Migration

When: Summer/Fall 1998
Designed and implemented the pilot environment for a Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Migration.  Developed and tested the migration message routing and name resolution environment.  Standardized and configured Exchange servers and tested migration procedures.

City of Seattle, NetWare and GroupWise Migration

When: Spring 1998
Worked as Principal Engineer on a team responsible for migrating and consolidating a city department’s NetWare 3.x servers to NetWare 4.11.  Developed NDS tree configuration, implemented file servers and assisted with data and client migrations.  Installed, configured and supported DHCP rollout to clients.  Assisted with the cc: Mail to GroupWise messaging migration.

AT&T Wireless Services, Thin Client Evaluation and Architecture

When: Winter/Spring 1998
Assisted a major Telecommunications Company develop and lab test a thin client solution based on Citrix WinFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server components.  Helped design back end requirements and processes to allow the rollout and support of 6,000 clients nation-wide.  Documented procedures and configurations required to implement the environment.

AT&T Wireless Services, Exchange Client Pilot Migration

When: Fall 1997
Provided back end support for the rollout of the Exchange client and Windows NT file services to a pilot group in a division of a large Telecommunications Company.  Designed logon scripts and policy configurations to assist the migration process.

PacificCorp, Exchange Server Backup Implementation

When: Winter 1996/1997
Installed, configured and documented a site-based Exchange backup solution for a large Utility firm with two geographically dispersed locations.   Tested and configured RAID backup devices to ensure nightly backups of more than 90 GB of data per location.  Documented disaster recovery procedures.

Snohomish County PUD, Windows NT and Exchange Implementation and Migration

When: Summer 1996 - Summer 1998
Served as on-site engineer to design and support the migration of a regional Utility’s 700 users from a DEC VAC and All-in-1 configuration to a Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange environment. Configured and managed over 20 servers running file and print services, DHCP, WINS, Oracle, SNA, SMS, SQL and Exchange.  Performed Exchange data migration from All-in-1 to Exchange. Managed the migration of servers from NT 3.51 to NT 4.0 and the Exchange servers from 4.0 to 5.0 to 5.5.

City of Seattle, NetWare Migration and Consolidation

When: Fall 1993 - Summer 1996
Served as a senior member of a team responsible for the consolidation of NetWare servers for a Seattle City Light.  Participated in migrations designed to standardize the desktop configurations and prepare for a NetWare 4.x migration.  Designed and piloted the NetWare NDS structure for the organization.  Migrated and consolidated the NetWare 3.x environment to NetWare 4.10.  Structured and helped coordinate a migration of the Utility’s 900 central clients to a new facility.  Designed and helped administer Utility's Windows NT domain structure.

Pathogenesis, Messaging and Systems Integration

When: Summer 1993
Systems engineer responsible for providing Microsoft Mail SMTP service between internal and external UNIX systems.  Configured  Netware 3.11 server for NFS, TCP/IP and Macintosh services.

CellPro, Systems Integration

When: Summer 1993
  Systems Engineer responsible for integrating Netware 3.11 servers with HP UNIX medical computer systems.

Bob Nieman Realty, Netware and Asynchronous Communication

When: Summer/Fall 1992
  Software specialist responsible for installation and configuration NetWare 2.2 networking system and asynchronous modem connections for Real Estate systems.

City of Rockford, SCO UNIX System Installation

When: Summer 1992
Software specialist responsible for installation of SCO UNIX system and X- terminals for City of Rockford Police evidence tracking system.  Configured UNIX software and TCP/IP networking.

Alloyd Company, Netware and Financial System Installation

When: Summer 1990 - Fall 1991
  Analyst and Administrator in charge of installation, administration and expansion of NetWare 3.10 Server, customer financial applications and server-based productivity applications.

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