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Miscellaneous Personal Stuff

My name is Geir Lanesskog, and this page is about my stuff. 

Not that I'm really concerned about my stuff, or I'd wash my car more often, but sometimes other people like to see what's going on without coming all the way out to see us.

Accordingly, this is an old picture of the front of our house:

the house when we bought it


And a newer picture (with new deck, roof and air conditioner) of the back:

the back of our house
This one you can click on for a bigger picture

Before I got married (a long time ago in a previous millennium), I briefly lived in the boondocks and owned a truck.  I wasn't really suited to it, but this picture remains from the experience:

house,truck and geir in snohomish

Here is a slightly better picture of the house in winter with the truck before it got it's cab

And that's all for this page for now.


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